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What a god damn waste of a cute cast.
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I like how the sidekick isn't just a generic loser sidekick but is more like Yuuji from Baka to Test. Also I didn't expect that out of three main girls, only one wants MC dick while the other two want sidekick dick. That's an interesting change of pace.

He still should have joined the club, he could have just chilled and played Granblue there.
Just watched the latest episode, Karen shouldn't be allowed to be so cute.

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is this good ? should i bother with it or is it another harem/fanservice anime with shit story and humor ?
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It's mediocre at best, if you don't like any of the girls the show won't give you much. It has some nice fights, but they are rare, the dungeon crawling aspects aren't well developed and some of them are very video game-like for no good reason.
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Just watch Ran->Sem instead, OP.

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Why was Syaro in poverty again? Is it ever explained? No girl should be this poor
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her parents are drug users.
Isn't her name Alice?

Don't shoot

On a level of 1 to 5, how gay has anime/manga made you?
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>liking cute boys doing cute things

pick one, or are you some sort of fagot?
It made me want to become a cute girl. Then fuck other cute girls.
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It's gay.

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Daily reminder that Rebuild isn't cannon.
>inb4 b-but muh hierarchy of canoon
Fuck off back to the EvaGeek forums. It either is or it isn't cannon and REBUILD IS NOT CANNON. It's not worthy to bear the name "Evangelion"
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Anno decides what is and isnt canon. Cry more fag.
Daily reminder that Rebuild is the sequel to NGE.
>he thinks anno is a reliable source of cannon on the original series. Newfags git out

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Yeah dude, and the robots are the kid's mom's!
Yes, brainlet

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the holy trilogy of reddit.png
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You must have a mental age of 12 to like any of these.
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Breaking news! Fun things aren't fun!
Breaking news! Random anon on the internet has decided what's fun for everyone else, and the response is: only randomshit is fun!
>mental age of 12
So whole 4chan?

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Check' em
Check' em
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> trips

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Is it ok for a Shonen Jump protagonist to be this handsome?
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Anon there are instances where the MC is even sexier than his whole harem. There's nothing gay in admitting that.
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It's okay because the supporting cast are equally handsome, shekusi.

Why is Iori so angry?
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Angry ?
I don't know, have you asked Lori herself?
because her ass feels empty

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Ok, so can we aggre that the 28 episodes dubbed have been better than subbed.
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Chris Ayres's Frieza is amazing and you don't have to listen to Granny Goku
everything else is comparable and jap Frieza is really good too, it's nothing like it was back in the day.
Back in the day is 25 years ago now.
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>Chris Ayres's Frieza is amazing
>Chris Ayres is fucking dying
Life is not fair.

Her name is Yurika, she works hard as cosplayer for a living. Say something nice about her
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Volume 23 is never getting translated, is it?
i don't know anon, haven't touched the LN since december last year
23 and 24 are translated

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OK anons lets talk about this. Why is everyone hailing UTW's Fate Apocrypha as the second coming of christ when it does not even have a proper kfx, they are just slapping subs on the OP.
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because they are elevated on the highest pedestal which will be explained when you lurk more
>implying you'll sing along anyway
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And then theirs Chihiro. They not only put a great kfx in the OP of Suka Suka last season, they even used kfx on that random song in Episode 1. They even used some great fonts unlike the bland fonts UTW is using for Fate Apocrypha.

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ITT: post an anime without posting it. Others guess what it is.

I'll start with a rather hard one.
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Is this a jojo reference?
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Bottle Fairies?
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Is falling in love with your childhood friend (male) who gets turned into a girl (female) via ancient norse magic the one true form of love?
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Shame >she got ruined in the end, I loved her as a reverse trap.
We will never find out because the author for some reason was either too stupid or too pussy to realize that turning him back was the logical conclusion and the only way to squeeze more drama out of the setting.
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Would gorilla-kun have accepted her even with feminine benis?

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