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Why doesn't /a/ like JCs?
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Because they're for disgusting pedos
JCs are optimal age. I thought we went over this.
Fuck are you talking about? I love older women.

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Is this show actually good?
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I cried a bit at the end.

Why is this allowed?
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Name a single character this season with a more sniffable ass
because no one would watch it for the plot
Why not?

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Will people know I'm gay if my favorite characters are like Ichigo Kurosaki, Hinata Shoyo, Emiya Shirou, Bakugou, Killua, Souma, Akihiko Sanada and Kazuya from Tsugumomo? And if they do what would be the reasoning behind it? Do any straight people like the same type of characters?
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peoples' taste in anime is always shittier than yours, same goes other way around from their point of view, because it's way too fetishized media.
That's called bland, not gay.
huh? I'm not quite sure I understand. I was asking if these were someone's favorite characters, would you think that person is a homosexual?

So if these were a straight man's favorite characters you wouldn't question that guy's sexuality? Like you wouldn't question why he liked these characters?

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Chaika? Front page? Mweee!
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Who is the best 765?
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They didn't make her an angel for no reason.
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OG: Chihaya
If one may include ML: Minako

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Will it be remembered as a masterpiece ahead of its time?
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It'll be remembered as one long-ass one-shot
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Will not remembered
I actually never read this beyond the first chapter, how was it?

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Post only the BEST anime dads in this thread.
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The opening of the second season creeped me the fuck out. Thought it was fan made or something
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Anime needs more dad MCs

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What does /a/ think of Utena?

Is it a complex, compelling shoujo meant for a younger audience to watch and then come back to as adults to fully appreciate?

Or is it pretentious teen angst with fancy progressive symbolism?
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It's the story of the alpha harem protagonist that so many anons have been asking for for years, who adds one more girl to his harem only for her to fuck up everything.
too good to post on /a/, delete this thread
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Stupid teen drama full of one-note characters and cliches. You think THIS is deep? You must be nuts. Get out of my face.

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Is it really worth a read or even getting hyped for /a/? First Volume seemed like your typical superhero story.
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keep going faggot
No one's hyping Devilman. If you're speaking about the upcoming anime, those are just yuasafags. Not many Nagaifags are happy with the art direction.

Some people just want to talk about it, but that's not hyping it.
So the upcoming adaption is going to disappoint, did it show signs of fucking with the source material? Was actually thinking about waiting for it and going in blind.

Just a friendly reminder that your waifu is trash and mine is superior. Have a good day.
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She was the 5th best girl in that show, let alone anywhere else
I liked her because we share the same interests and I don't like big boobs
Behind the lolis???

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Kimokos in the house tonight
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Fuck off plebbit cancer

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>a demon chooses the MC to slay monsters and gives him special demonic powers.
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Stop reading LNs you don't like. It's almost like you enjoy this.
Be honest. Do you enjoy this?
Are you being tsundere for isekai?
Name one

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This is a family in Japan taking a walk!
Say something nice about them!
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>Say something nice about them!
I want you to fuck yourself with a rake.
I dry humped concrete when I was a kid once. Does that count?
>Dog's name is John
this is the weirdest part of the page actually

You guys ready for cute liliputians doing cute things in a fantasy world?
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