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Watamote didn't even get an OVA. Umaru got and OVA and gets season 2 in 9 weeks. Tomoshills btfod.
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Don't bully, tomoko would really like umaru

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I cant believe there's 3 translation chapters in a row.
Also what does a Funabori Crepe taste like?
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I want to bully Funabori.
season 2 never
so where do i start reading

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Why was she so perfect?
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because she had big tits
voiced by Aoi Yuuki
Her VA was on a mission to destroy her real life voice.

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Ahagon edition. Yunposters welcome. What are you looking forward to seeing this week?
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I want to see more of nenes game
Kill yourself

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So, I finally read this web novel. Why are female isekai protagonists so superior to male isekai protagonists ? How can male isekai protagonists even hope to compete ?
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Let me guess. She gets hit by a truck at the first page?
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>Why are female isekai protagonists so superior to male isekai protagonists
Nothing new.
Have you read kenkyo kenjitsu?

It's a pretty fun read.

Also, light novel recommendation i guess.

Is there anything like legendary moonlight sculptor or yahari?

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What in the hell
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shit show goes nowhere
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Ninja Slayer was truly a niche show. I loved it, but so many others hated it or gave up on it after the first couple of episodes.
>that 1st episode thread
it was fucking glorious
>not watching the english dub
Come on now.

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Due to NGE octahedron are my favourite geometrical body.
Tetrahedron are second place.
> tetrahedronfags
Enjoy your limited number of triangular sides, homos.
Best girl indeed

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Please help /a/ my 'friends' tell me my taste is all over the place, are they right?
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Don't know about all over the place but it's definitely shit at least
Watch more anime
What's wrong with enjoying a variety of anime? If that means your taste is all over the place, I don't know if that's a bad thing.
Fuck off newfag.

Why doesn't Rin ever run out of mana?
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Because she's did a lot of pleasing
The girl's ZR is amazing, could fap to that all day long
She pleases old men for mana.

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RAWS are out!
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>Enemies leave at first sign of alphadom
I'm just impressed how beta this world is. Even the enemies back down at the slightest hint of aggression. Also, the cock is nigh unbeatable.
They are bros, you dumbfuck, you don't touch your bro's girl.

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never forget
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so why is Momoka so rude
Because your life always had meaning and you're just a whiny bitch wanting to go to the child broiler.
fate-san read her shitty light novels

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Volume 5 soon.
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Some bonus stuff from Fumita's twitter.
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Tomo's tomos

That's right, it's Isekai show.
Coming this fall.
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Is this a pre-prequel to the Zero kara Hajimeru Maho no Sho and the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu franchise? Or a spin-off?
>Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notices that he’s been thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high levels and treasures after using the 3 times use-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, once. After that he intends to do different world “sightseeing tours”?
>He meets 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black haired sisters, and an eccentric blonde haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fighting with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.

As a flipfag I'm triggered.

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>hear English dub for the first time

Why are English voice actors so bad at conveying emotion, or just generally reacting to stuff, in a realistic way?
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English people just doesn't express their emotions in the over the top ways japanese in anime does.
English people always close their throats and tense up like they're trying to sound tense on purpose and I can't stand it.

Makes me physically cringe.
Because the english VAs for anime are usually shitty 2nd rate ones.

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