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Who is better detective?
Arisu or Detective Conan?
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Neet Detective, hacker, stalker, call her whatever you want but she is very smart kiddo
Who's better, a fake NEET or a very smart guy/kid calling himself detective?

I trust the smart guy more.

Why is father/daughter incest so under-used in anime when other incestous relationships are glorified?
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Fauther/daughter relationships should be 100% pure you degenerate.
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Because daughters are for protecting, not fug.
Get gone, you savage. Why do you think Usagi Drop is so vilified? They're not even Blood related

Can't be long now till they Make Anime Real®, lads. I hope you're all working on your plan for exactly HOW you're going to persuade Best Girl to let you touch her on the fandango.

I'm assuming we'll each be dropped into our favorite series at an appropriate point, with some mince plot device to explain why we're interacting with the rest of the characters. So I'll land somewhere in the middle of NGE (after the main cast has assembled, but before they all start getting shot or bursting into puddles of spunk), with a job that involves working closely with Misato and the pilots.

I'm thinking that the key to Asuka is that she needs someone who is actually kind to her, but at the same time someone she sees as slightly superior. So I'll be genuinely kind when she's upset, but otherwise keep her on her toes with a constant stream of careful teasing to imply I think I'm better than she is.

So for example if we're all dressed up and heading out for the night, I can greet them with "Misato, you're looking lovely, as usual .... Shinji, looking sharp tonight, you must think Kaworu's joining us .... Rei, you look great in that dress, you should smile more often .... and Asuka ... well ... at least you turned up, eh, love?" She would then do that face she does, with the mouth and the eyebrows, but secretly she would be frothing at the gash.

I hope you've got something at least as concrete as this. And don't tell me you have't been thinking about it, because you have, every night before you go to sleep.
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we're all going to be isekai'd when the next tsunami hits
>negging asuka
say goodbye to those testicles buddy
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based waifu.png
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Be a genuinely kind person who happens to know her personally very well, just hecking hope that she ends up liking me
I would alter the Virtual Reality settings so that my waifu would fall in love with me no matter what I do.

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s2 when
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I never watched this because it pissed me off too much, but if it ended at the festival/when she broke a door with a bat, you don't want a season 2.
I liked the rotoscoping a bit. It's ugly as hell but it made the anime more unsettling.
it was a disgusting, ugly show about disgusting, ugly people doing disgusting, ugly things

it was great

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But the exact opposite happened.
She looks like a boy
Because she used to be one.

This is God and her boyfriend. Say something nice about them.
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Kyon kun denwa
is there a reason why she would rest upon the chair like that?
Nice bass.

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Is haruhi the pinnacle of anime?
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No, why would she be?
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>Original Image still sensors vulva
Did you think you would be allowed to see it?

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>create the perfect girl
>call her the villain
>kill her
why is this allowed
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The best girls die OP.

She was a piece of utter shit anyway. Good riddance.
She is perfection. Stop dry humping your shitty loli body pillow and realize greatness when you see it. Nigger.

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Why is he so fucking cool? He's seriously one of the most badass characters I've seen in anime in a long time.
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Because he is a white man
Any other reasons?
Samuel T. Owens is a pretty cool guy.

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There's just something off about that guy
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His uniform has only two buttons.

I think Aya-chan broke
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Didn't your last fucking thread get deleted? Why do it again?
So it confirms the "telepathy=delusion" theory?
Is there another scanlation group for this manga? Cause I saw on reddit it's still on chapter 410.

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chrome (5).png
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>this triggers western normalfags
What now? Japan has shit taste in anime?
good taste

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Apparently Japs have shit taste. What the FUCK is up with number 1? Can any Japs here explain themselves? Is this even real?

Youtube vid:

Related list:
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>The Anime Man
fuck off Jojo idiot
I knew i would get called out for that. I don't even watch this nigger. I saw the title and I click.
What the fuck is a tiger & bunny?

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What do you guys think of Yamato 2199?
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Greatest anime ever made.
very good
I only ever watched Captain Harlock.

Why does Princess Principal keep screwing with the order. Chise just shows up in E4, then they make E5 take place before thay
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typical brainlet, get out of /a/
although a lot of people are too fucking stupid somehow to watch it, it is a bit annoying how they aren't going in order

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