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Post your favorite character
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Never read or seen this and I can already tell Escanor is they best character in that show.
Diane and King, have only watched the anime though.
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who decides 3.jpg
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No its boring as fuck
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I am watching your show. It's my second favourite PA show after Shirobako.

Also best girl right here.
>pink aoi

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So what was the message here? He was correct and the terrible human society stays the same in the end.
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Ugly people don't deserve to live.
the winners are in the right every time
"Don't trust in the justness of your cause to strengthen you."

FUCK Illya
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Ok, when?
I want to
New chapter when?

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Post what you've been watching/reading recently, and what you think, etc.
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Why is Anne so perfect?
turn a gundam. really fucking good so far. Dosen't feel as crazy as Tominoe's usual work. And here i thought gundams and farms would be retarded
Also I'm still watching Touch, but holy shit do I hate this Minami gymnastics shit. It's hard to get through this now after such an amazing first part.

She's just so boring.

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What's the most obscure anime you've ever watched?
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Madoka Magica
how would you even know that
Just something you've never heard anyone else really talk about.

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Another best girl chapter.
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You may only pick one.
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I pick all.
The one that wont destroy the world and is canonically open to a three way relationship

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What the fuck is this shit, /a/? WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND ME THIS?

To the anon who recommended me this, go fuck yourself.
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Finish it you stupid fuck.
Read boys on the run instead
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How does it feel anon, tell me how you feel

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>MC is the chosen one
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Chosen one > Average Joe
Prove me wrong
It's better than "regular highschooler"
Was I the first person to crop that image?
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>MC is a loser neet
>turns out after long development he may be actually destined for greatness
then manga gets dropped right when things are getting pretty intense, second time the author does this and he has no more works despite being better than the vast majority of authors for writing and art.

fucking Nikiichi Tobita, finish your mangas you lazy neet. jesus fucking christ I dont think I've ever seen such a waste of talent in the industry

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I don't understand why I'm in love with such a plain Jane like Kobayashi.
Fellow anons, can you explain?
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Kobayashi is what all wageslaves want to be. Everyone wants to come home to a loving big breasted meido and a cute daughteru. I didn't understand what "self-insert" meant until I watched this.
normal girls are the best kind of girls.
Because she's the only one who could possibly love you back.

Why is NTR so fucking hot? It's literally the best genre to masturbate to.
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Why are NTRfags so obsessed with this manga when it outright denies their fetish?
>that chapter where she sends him a video of her fucking his bully

God-tier pairings that never turned canon.
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that would have angered so many people but at that point they could have done anything.
Great taste. Best pairing, OP.
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Sup /a/

U fagets still mad?

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Why must Madoka lie to us? If she can see the past ,present and future then she should have known the events that have taken place in rebellion. Homura would not have been able to seperate madoka from loc. Could madoka have been wanting that all along?
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Just because everything is visible to you doesn't mean you can't miss anything.
Madoka did say she saw everything Homura did.
Indecipherable text and spoilers.

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Dont tell me this is real
Well, he said he was sorry, so it's okay.
>It actually works
>Nobody cares anymore
what the fuck.

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