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So not sure if I should get the fan translation or the offical translation of steins gate 0 is there a big diff?
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There is no fan translation.
Learn English, you fucking plebeian.

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Aim for Koshien, /a/!
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Does throwing stones through the Koshien windows count?

Fujieda Meisei vs Tsuda Gakuen

IN a moment.
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*disable your adblock to watch

Remember to eat healthy and work out regularly for the sake of your wife!
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But she's not even real.
She lives in your head

If you die early, she'll have to live in the streets!
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This is my wife

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Why don't you silly bakas support small encoders?
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I use HS because at least the bot manages to name its releases consistently.
What are you even getting at, anon?
>shitty low quality encodes
>most of them relase their shit in 720p
>very often dogshit stylized fonts
>takes them too long to release the show
Those are the main reasons.

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Season 2 when? This was surprisingly fun and the furry MC was better than expected.
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Great main characters. Meh writing. Ridiculously bad villain.
There wasn't really a villain in the end, was there?
The rogue witches?

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Why is every single girl in this series the worst girl and every single boy the best boy ?
A whore who mixes sulfuric acid in bento and almost killed her love interest. Also, studyholics like that are not really sociable in real life.
Another whore who is the best example of physical abuse. Wont do anything to stop Miharu from attacking Yoshi because "she is special". Uses up all of Yoshi's savings so that he starves for a month.
Worst lesbian ever. Should learn how to be a lesbian and still be a likable character from Shirai Kuroku.
Electrocutes her boyfriend and distrusts him so much that she tries to force a marriage.
Uses her trap twin brother to maintain a honor student image and takes all credits but never thanks him. Even physically assaults him for being cuter.
Whore and slut. A disgrace to tomboys.
Incest whore who even caused a misunderstanding for her bother to be assaulted by the FFF.
>The principal
Illegally, allowing atrocities against male students and allowing female students to commit said atrocities.
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The cast is nice, only the pink haired girl sucks.
Himeji had big boobs, kind personality and pink hair. She made my dick diamonds and I was an instant fan. And I hated Shimada for being just another abusive tsundere.
Ten episodes later, I began hating Himeji for being an annoying whore who was more oblivious to everything than fucking Ichika-tier harem protagonists. I hated her. And I began to love Shimada as being one of the purest and most devoted tsundere of all, and as retarded as her backstory was, it legitamately made me root for her to "win" more than I have ever rooted for any girl.

Also, you forgot Hazuki and Hideyoshi.
Hazuki is a kid and Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.

Anime: Then and Now!
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did the bluerays fix the diming?
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Can't fix the shit story
It's pretty fun until All Might stops showing up.
God I love those lines.

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Is no one safe from this monstrosity
Thank you. Also, how did those clowns get free from Eva's spell?
With this flashback that makes no sense, he should of done it in the first place. All the girls show up but not Yukihime? Why the fuck?

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Can old man lolis beat the cock?
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The trick to beating the cock lies in attacking the balls. They are incredibly vulnerable and they make a nice squishy sound if you hit them right.
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they can sure beat something
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Well that was quick. This faggot old man would be mindbroken in milliseconds.

Which one?
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I'd prefer if we stayed on a last name basis.
I'm unironically waiting for Commeme.
Are they doing it? I'd rather just wait for them then.

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Why CCS?

First, Tomoyo uses a camcorder. Nobody uses a camcorder now. It is an obsolete piece of hardware.

Second, cellphones doesn't have any screen. It is outdated.

Third, no internet.
If Sakura did all her magical stuff on the streets now, it would all end up over the internet. As everybody has a cellphone with camera, and every corner has security cameras.
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You don't understand what it means for a work to age well or not. It's more about how good it looks and how good the story is in comparison to later works, not whether the technology on display is obsolete, or whether later advancements would make it difficult for the events portrayed to happen.

CCS aged well because it was made at a time before all those things existed. And the upcoming Sakura sequel is going to suck hard because they're forcing smartphones into it.

OP is an idiot, as usual.
that isn't what aging well means you idiot. It aged well in the aspect that current generations/future generations can still watch and find value in it.

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I convinced my little sister to watch JJBA with me. We're near the end of part 1 and she adores Jonathan. Wat do?
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Take a picture of her reaction when she sees him die.
>I convinced my little sister to watch trash with me.
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Get fucking ripped and cosplay as Jonathon, then fuck her.
As a bonus, you could also cosplay as Kenshiro once you get swole.

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Am I cute, uguu~
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What's happened, /a/?
She's already dead.

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