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How would you heal Seto Kaiba's scars of defeat?
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>That kid really needs to get laid!
By defeating him again, like yugi did in dsod
By reminding him he is literally the owner of the game.
Just create an OP card that says
XD you loose if its in muh deck or hand Xp
Then play card and it's effect is kill all of enemy life points.

I mean that's how I'd handle it.

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Why is Aoko blushing?
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Close proximity to Soujuurou.
>we will never get the Mahoyo sequels
>TM will continue to rehash Fate and Saber #543195801 for eternity
Fuck Nasu

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What is your opinion of anime girls who don't sit properly?
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They can be taught.
Should be gassed.
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KEK are you fucking for real?
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What's not to love? They are flashy as shit
Anyone know if they made any kind of progress in the manga?
Don't say kek on this board

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How many watchings of toradora did you need to realize that Ami is best girl?
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Just once is enough, unless you have shit taste
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It takes more than one?
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What? That was given from the start

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hey /a/ what's your opinion on strike witches ?
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I think they should be carrying side arms.
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It's a great show if you don't mind fan service
It's fun, or at least the first two seasons are. Didn't watch Brave yet.

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>Translation: Thanks.
What did nips mean by this?
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How do you still not understand even after reading the translation?
Are you retarded?
It means you should go fuck yourself and put this lolepicironic thread up your ass like the Nasufaggot you are.

How shallow must you be to think this is better than the original or even good?
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It's surprisingly fairly good besides some of the CGI. I also didn't like how they handled Desler or Analyzer. The original is better, but the remake is worth watching too imo.
How shallow must you be to think this isn't good based on some character design changes.
>there is fanservice, this means its bad
How often must you have gotten dropped as a child to reach that conclusion?

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Who would win in a mahjong match?
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Saki doesn't play against ugly people.
Saki is genuinely shitty at mahjong compared to the big league players in her series so despite everyone having mahjong superpowers, she would probably still lose to Akagi who would either just cheat or outplay them.

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Nowadays 10 year old girls have bigger boobs and go out with less cloth though.
Thats physically impossible.
I thought she was at least 12

she seemed older than Ash

Okay so back in the day we had all of these long ass manga shows that all had at least 200 chapters. We had rurouni kenshin, dragon ball, yuu yuu hakusho, hokuto no ken, hajime no ippo, and so on and so fourth.
Then dragon ball ended, and we had the fall of battle shounen with all of the cheap knock offs that missed the point. It was the age of Toriko, Naruto, Bleach, One Peace and so on and so fourth. These manga defined their generation in a way but they were all bad if you really give it a thought, and if we weren't kids when we first watched them we wouldn't give a fuck about them. Now there's a new generation of battle shounen, which is better than the previous one, but it's still missing the mark. Shougeki no souma, one punch man, boku no hero academia are all under-ambitious in comparison to the older generation.
What caused the downfall of epics about saving the universe or redemption spanning over years and years of the heroes' lives? Why is everything so grounded these days?
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Movie 13.webm
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Detective Conan just reached chapter 1000 and episode 869 :^)
Didn't read lol
and twenty one movies

Wtf was he thinking? He knows he's a NEET and she's a Stacy right? Why would he take such a huge risk like that
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Does he get rejected ? Is she grossed out?

He gets rejected because he's fat creepy disgusting failure of a mangaka and she ends up falling in love with an actual popular mangaka.

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>Japanese logicalists

Post experts from Japan
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Those two are Slavic, though.
/a/non..., they speak Japanese
> Nina Alexandrovna
> Liones Yelistratova

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eva vs gundam.png
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Who had the better ending film?
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I wonder, is it the revolutionary movie with incredible framing, cinematopgrophy, visual design and animation, or a Gundam movie that looks a million times worse than 0083, which was released less than 4 years later?!
EoE excels technically.
Char's counterattack's ending is fucking astounding in every-way. But it's not the actual end to the gundam series.

Either way its better then End of Evangelion.

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