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ITT: Post characters, who are worthy enough to breed your children
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Monkeys and humans shouldn't breed.

>having boyfriends in fucking middle school

Why does this board like obvious sluts?
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>falling for their lie
You silly goon.
>watching a show with your ass
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What was her name again?
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I would impregnate her so hard.

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It's out
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>Has a notebook that allows him to kill anyone without getting caught
>Gets caught

Was Light boneheaded?
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He had a seriously flawed character. It was a classic tragedy in so far as his flaws ruined him at the end.
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Getting caught was all according to keikaku.
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What did he achive by getting killed?

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You haven't forgotten, have you?
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who's that and what's wrong with her hair and eyes
cold ghost pussy? No thank you. I'd rather have the warm childhood friend pussy.

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So when does he get his own mobile suit? Not gonna I'm really enjoying Magical robotics engineering: the anime a lot, especially the construction and testing bits.

Knights and Magic thread
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>Onii-sama the genki trap edition
I love it.
He still not learning the secret of Ether Reactor.

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The real reason that you're attracted to Lucoa is not because of those enormous whambangers. It's because of her permanent happy smile. Discus.
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>only reason
she is mexican, and that i fuck
She actually repulses me.
Her tits are gross.

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Yotsuba-chan appreciation thread.
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Why is she so cute?
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Because she has a good heart. I will never forget the moment when she gave Asagi a four leaf clover
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Yotsuba makes life worth living, but Fuuka isn't bad either

How is it that usually the anime with the more unique art designs are also the best ones in terms of story concepts and scriptwriting? If you've got an anime with more generic visual designs you know it's going to be a bad anime in most cases. How come? It's not like those two are tied together.

People sometimes use the phrase "form over content", but in anime it seems to be that the more form, the more content as well.
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>How is it that usually the anime with the more unique art designs are also the best ones in terms of story concepts and scriptwriting?
Because the style is used to infer something. If you use a particularly cute style, you are telling people at a glance what the anime is going to be about. That doesn't make the anime bad. It means it has a particular focus. Similarly, if you actively choose an artsy style, you are sending a very different message. "Stay for the ART!"
Lots of mangaka make their characters intentionally ugly so as to avoid any confusion.
>if you actively choose an artsy style
What does that really mean though? I mean, I've head people calling anything from Kaiba and Mononoke to Dead Leaves and House of Five Leaves as "artsy". But basically all of those are completely different.

By that standard every werstern animated film or cartoon is artsy. Because they're all different and there is no one "standard" art style.
>best ones in terms of story concepts and scriptwriting


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New oneshot by the author of Kanojo wa Rokurokubi, Nieki Zui.

About a dude and his microwave (girl).
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She gonna vibrate some meat between her tits right?

I can't relate to this at all. I like history quite a bit myself, but I can't possibly imagine a highschool boy being obsessed with old graves as being normal. And worse yet, everyone around him seems to admire him for it? He even said he wanted to "work with something about Burial Mounds in the future" and nobody thought it was weird.

The point of this was to give the MC some semblance to a personality and hobby, but couldn't they have picked something at least a little bit relateable? Is there such a thing as old tomb otaku in Japan and I didn't know about it?
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I haven't watch this, so i won't speak about the character in question, but old graves, specially from ancient times can be an interesting topic since you get to know how each culture treated death, which is universal to all humans and learn the different approaches that exist, several of the most important archeological discoveries are graves or tombs, a lot of turistic attractions are graves themselves like the Taj Mahal or the pyramids and these are just some of the most popular examples, so it might come as weird in a culture where death is considered as a tragedy, but not so in a culture where is just part of the life cycle for example, so I wouldn't find it THAT weird, even as a western, you only need an open mind with this
>couldn't they have picked something at least a little bit relateable
None left.
If he only he had been interested in picking the right girl right off the bat, this idiot still doesn't understand that Ririna is the one for him

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Hi there anon,

I was wondering how people overseas can directly support a manga studio or mangaka. I've bought figures in the past, as well as translated releases, but some manga such as tsurezure children which I'm reading at the moment, don't have a print english release or any figures for purchase.

I can't read japanese, so i feel like buying a print copy from japan would just take up space even though it would directly help out the artist.

Other sites sell merchandise like keychains and other junk, but I have no idea how much of the money the artist actually gets.

tl;dr How to support overseas artists?
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buy digital?
Tell them to set up patreon or japanese equvalent like shindol.
Sometimes you really can't. International business isn't exactly easy, so supporting artists is a hard thing to do unpess there are official products you can buy in the U.S.
If there are official products, buy them.
If not, wait indefinitely.

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Is it too early for a d-frag thread?
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what sound is that?

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Why does End of Evangelion have such a God tier atmosphere?
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Maybe the people who made it were quite talented.
If it was anything short of pure perfection, Anno would have hung himself.
This, Anno himself is both a great director and scriptwriter. You had a great cast working in the departments of animimation, music, mecha and monster design, voice acting etc.

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