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>It's a "uses trippy visuals and psychological drivel to look smart" episode
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so any episode?
my favourite to be honest

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Her feet.
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Her dynamic with his brother
Do they fug or roleplay with characters?

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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try killing your best friend bitch
>having friends
Already did. It's why I no longer have friends.

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Only read like the first few pages of this a few years ago and forgot about it up until now.
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This was stupid. Should have been Spidey Isekai'd to AoT world and have him show everyone how to swing around properly.
That could have been a cute one-shot.
If it makes up for it, Marvel started publishing an isekai last year.

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My list

Youjo Senki
Hataraku Maō-sama!
Spirited Away
The Twelve Kingdoms

No Game No Life
Log Horizon
Re Zero
Isekai Smartphone
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Fucking idiot.png
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>Log Horizon
bad taste
...good taste
Log Horizon

Everything else

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Are there any series you read or have read whose art got worse over time instead of better?
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Dunno about worse, but fruits basket went from loose and off model to stiff and on model.
Naruto is an obvious one, HxH too.

Sakamichi No Apollon's art was not that great. I didn't think it was bad the first time I read the series but looking at it again after the anime adaptation it's pretty wonky through the whole thing.

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What character in anime/manga has what you consider the ideal female body?
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This is perfection.

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How do you stop this?
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Mirror Force.
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shingeki no loli.webm
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So is there ANY possibility that the Persona 5 anime will be good?
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Yep. 0% is a possibility.
If it's anything like the p4 anime then the s.link episodes should be fine. Just skip all the dungeon and plot stuff.
P3 movies were alright, kind of boring after the second one though. P4 anime gave the MC a top tier characterization and went through the social links well . I expect good things from P5A

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Woop woop
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[Title is Prank]

Winter's here.
"40 degrees..."

"Wagh, oh dear...!!"
"Can you go home on your own?"
"I'll go home after I take a little rest"

Ah... contact Toda...
Or maybe it's okay not to.
She knows I'm not feeling good,
She doesn't need to be told to go home...
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"You asleep?"

"I'll leave my stuff here"

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There there


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Post O' my rubber nens

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Easy mode: Write a Keitai plot.
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A boy falls in love with a phone and the phone makes an isekai universe and then dues ex fuckima and then lots of money is made and its forgotten by the next season
guy who knows nothing about cars is secretly KING DORIFTO TOFU BOY
A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she's gifted a deus ex machina with the boy's area code. Not minding the strange number, she calls and is transported into a GAMBURU underground mahjong parlor with high stakes rock paper scissors games. To participate, she must borrow millions of yen at the price of her own life. She participates in the underground gamburu tournament for freedom, only to realize her final opponent is THE BOY. Hijinks ensue as the morality of one's individuality and selflessness are confronted, DRAMA nesues as they begin to fall in love with each other and question the NATURE of SURVIVAL.

Why did Gohan's character go downhill so fast?
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More like Gayhan
More like Gogay
Toriyama wanted to make gohan the new MC but got cold feet partway through

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Are you guys ready for Ara ara: the anime?

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Looks like a short.What is it about?

It's about women who live together in a share house and drink.
We gonna get cake drunk complaining then.Its an original series or an adaptation? 4koma? Full blown series?

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ITT: Lolis in anime and manga even non-lolicons, like myself, find attractive
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Obviously Shinobu
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What do you do when you find a loli in the wild?
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Here you go you disgusting non-lolicon

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