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new episode comes
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I would this horse friend and pull on her harnesses.
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Would you ride that horse, anon?

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Time for stuff
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Mom's presence

"Oh dear"

"You made a mess already"
"Clean it up now!!"

"Nee-san, you're like a mom"
"What're you talking about?"

"That's something you should say in the bed"
"Become a mom"
"It's pretty hot today (ignoring)"
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Comic 1
The good for nothing life

"Where's Koto-chan?"
"She's making a mess over there"

"Wow, she is a mess"

"What're you wearing!?"

"I'm actually wearing something, okay? But it's a cling-on bikini"
"Oh I see"
"So you are a slob!!"

Comic 2

"I kinda just bought this on a whim"

"But it exposes more skin than I thought, so I can't wear this in front of others"
"How about this?"

"Add some strings to it and arrange them"

"If the strings come off, you can surprise them by tricking them into thinking it'll slip off" [TN: I think this is too wordy, but I have no idea how to shorten it]
"So wouldn't this still be embarrassing in the end?"

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You haven't seen the greatest mahou shoujo ever.
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Well? What is it? Google and the rest turn up nothing.
>I don't want to hurt anyone even if they're malicious and will hurt my friends
How can it be great with shit writing like that?
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I believe in you Anonymous, you just need more points in the investigation skill.
Sofia did nothing wrong, everything she did was for love.

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Can succubi ever fall in love with humans?
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If h-manga are anything good to judge this question on then id say yes.
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no waifus.png
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They can only fall in love with humans
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Why did everyone hate this exactly? I'd heard it was smut and that everyone was just a douchebag the whole way through, someone even said it was a trainwreck on the level of School Days. But I just finished it and I honestly don't see where the hate comes from? It actually managed to have a pretty happy ending and the main girl was super cute all the way through. Not AOTY material but it was a perfectly fine romance story I think.
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It was too deep for modern audiences. You know how people hated BvS because they didn't get it? Same thing.
It's a drama so it's not going to appeal to everyone. Others just can't get into it and find it melodramatic. Then there's the hardcore purityfags that hate it for obvious reasons. There's also always a backlash to people who overrate it.

The only issue I have is I thought the story could have been a lot better. it seemed like the author was too focused on getting themes across though.
Who do you mean and why does it matter? People always shitpost, especially on eternal summer /a/.

It was a fairly predictable show with pretty good designs and good soundtrack. The content may have got retards who can't read synopses up in a knot but it's their fault for not researching if they wanted their expectations to be met.

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This is a 500 year old vampire
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This isn't.
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This is a miracle of the universe. Also, she's 598.
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This is a 495 year old vampire

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Hey onii-chan it's almost the end of summer

That means s2 is right around the corner
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We're about as middle-of-the-season as can get, baka. Your return to the spotlight is still a ways away.

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What's up with the off-color strands in Arararararagi's hair that appear out of nowhere?
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Great mystery
Tryhard over-design. Absolutely everything looks better and more artistic when there are free strands of hair visible, right?
probably something to do with Shinobu, since you know, they are tied for life or some shit like that

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Log Horizon.jpg
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Why is this shit so praised here? I'm currently at episode 13 and there are a lot of plot holes already, like for example, the food: Is said that the food needs to be cooked in a traditional way in order to it to taste good, ok, Shiroe and the rest take the credit for "discovering" that fact even among the "earth people", but, isn't the "earth people" suppose to know this fact since the beggining, since they are "earth people"?
>B-but muh pseudo politics!
>B-but muh isekai!
>B-but muh waifus!
Fuck off.
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Fuck off
Shitty bait
>Someone is criticizing my beloved series
>It must be bait!

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what are your thoughts about raita?
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I personally love the style, but I can see why a lot of people doesn't.
Poor concept of anatomy, but I love his works anyway.

Liefeldian monstrosity with the blandest most banal "plot" ever

Would Naruto be considered a classic if it had ended at Land of Waves arc? (Assuming Sasuke actually died.)
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no. that arc wasnt even that good.
I remember in 2006 when I was in middle school and my friend told me that sasuke actually died and was brought back because he was the last uchiha.

I had friends who loved to lie about the dumbest things for no reason.
Nah, but it would've been better than the ending we got which isn't really saying much since the writing went to complete dogshit in Part 2.

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Why was this so good
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It was good except for the godawful ending.
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It was dumb fun. Also, best girls coming through.
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Probably because my wife was in it

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I told you guys she'd be back "Tomo"rrow.
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Tue Aug 8 22:33:36 2017.png
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ITT anime /a/ doesn't remember anymore but you do
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At least post an actual example, like pic related.
We all remember Nyaruko, it was good.

Bear in mind that good anime don't get discussed on /a/
I remember it because of the dead VA.

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