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>manga where romance is not the main plot
>none of the characters advance beyond platonic love
>manga where the romance is the main plot
>characters not going beyong platonic love yet again

What the fuck is up with japan and romance? 90% of the anime barely has handholding, you watch X episode of love as a main/side plot only that it ends in characters blushing and looking at each other. What the fuck.
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Asian are not the type to do physical contact and seems like youre not reading or finding the type of manga that actually does that.Read more manga fag.
>avoid romance anime
>watch shonen anime with "romance" plot
>surprised there is no real romance
Watch more shoujo.
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Stop reading shit then

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Clannad means family
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Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
no it doesnt
It was never explained what Clannad meant, but I did get the impression it was the name of the play they performed at school.

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What chinese cartoon is this /a/ ?
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So why can't Asia do CGI? It's 2017 and they still haven't put out anything noteworthy. Does it just not appeal to them?
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>Wanting cheap soulless cash grab
Good looking CGI requires a lot of time and money. The Precure EDs are a good example of nicer looking CGI but it's all done in post processing. Disney has entire rooms with computers dedicated to just rendering frames and even then it takes butt loads of time that wouldn't be worth it since most of the time anime is just used to advertise source material.

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>implying most anime isn't that already

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What will his final form look like?
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don't post spoilers OP
screenshot this
...final form, seriously?
watch GT, that's the final form.
>watch gt

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What happens if you try to out-yandere a yandere?
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Double yandere love
double homicide with a shitty plot
i mean yuno did out yandere herself

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Why didn't they just deport her?
She's not Mexican
She came from a shitter place to the south.
Same thing for the nips

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If you've never done psychoactive substances, don't bother watching this anime.
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Man, i can't imagine watching Lain of all things while tripping on LSD. Mostly because it would likely result in a very bad trip, ending with me shaking on the floor and drooling while going on about striped shirt aliens in fedoras, peeking into my room.
>spoken from someone who only watched this after becoming a druggie

I can't imagine posting on 4chan without vaping cannabis.

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What would you do with a Krul?
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I'd make her dethrone Iori.

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>tfw no ochako gf
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i STRIVE for an ochako gf
ochako is best girl debate me faggots
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This is it for me /a/. I'm all in now for the last of my waifu stacks.

I swear to god the best girl never wins. I can already see the writing on the wall. Seriously even with this insufferable faggot MC head over heels for her she'll choke somehow and lose it.

If this best girl doesn't win, anime is rigged and I'm through with it. I'll go 3D.
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But anon, best girls do win. Pic related is a winning best girl.
But she will.
You realize she is one of the worst girls ever in an anime, probably the worst in the last 2-3 years?

Why can't they pull a nice plot twist and have the first, best, and most deserving girl who's suffered the most actually get her heart's desire for once?

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Name one character that can defeat Giovanna
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My dick is a safe bet.
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Golden Experience Requiem is complete bullshit and you know it.

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I was trying to like the new Mahoujin Guru Guru Remake, and i cant fucking stand it, the pacing is too damn fast for its own good, leaving out the best jokes or not allowing them to land properly, and Episode 4 had a godawful bait and switch joke that made me rage, and you know damn well that they will stuck to the curse of "the ten something episodically seasonal anime", because unless your anime is a shitty shonnen sjump show from Shit Toei, or a disposable protagonist series each year like Super Sentai or Precure, also from Toei, or a Toyetic kids shit show to sell toys or merch like Yugioh, Pokemon, etc, Its gonna be cursed to only have 10 something episodes, and god help them to get a second season!

Also content wise they are too afraid to show the Bad ass politically incorrect content from older anime, like the 80s and pre 95 anime shows from the old days that had more explicit content even on kids shows, but then, teh fucking 1995 religious cult attacks happened in japan, and since, they change their laws and regulations to be like the americans.

What happened to you japan, you used to be BADASS!

Also i heard that the japanese tend to become more disfunctional and inconsistent in what goes and what goes not in media due to awful crimes that happen sometimes, but they blame the media because of those things? wasnt that the type of bullshit garbage we americans fought against?
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I was watching a lot of older shows before 1995, and they have more risque stuff, when or why the japanese started to walk on eggshells?
Like, what happened to their system?
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Honestly, it's no fair, what should be done in honesty to change things back to the way they were in the 80s and early 90s?

Also what happened to comfy normal shows like the Masterpice Theathers.

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Could this actually happen?
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> Leaving the door unlocked while fapping
>having a door lock while living with family
It's called privacy you retarded yuropoor

How do I be a young successful CEO like Seto Kaiba?
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kill young children for pieces of cardboard
Be severely autistic, rich, and intelligent.
get adopted by a successful CEO, have his biological son disappear, and make sure to bring brother with you.

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