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How should we fight rape culture against lolis /a/?
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Rape the lolis before the lolicon rapists get to them.
why stop it? Lolis are made for dicks
Sex education.
If they're willingly having sex there will be less rape.

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What would happen if Miyazaki was in charge of the anime industry?
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Limited animation would be eliminated.
Planes. Planes everywhere.
The bankruptcy of every studio in the industry.

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First for best girl
Is this fanservice?
No, it's a serious sports anime. They made a twitter post or something stating that.

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They can barely even be called a studio nowadays.
ur mum is a good studio
I hate you.

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Guts official height has been changed

He was stated to be 190cm (and the movies character design documents had him at 185cm) before but the newest guidebook lists his height at 204cm, how does this make you feel?
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>hes a giant
no wonder he can kill monsters, lame
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Guidebooks stats are ALWAYS retarded no matter the series

If guts its truly 2 meters tall then Farnese is atleast 6 feet tall

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>[HorribleSubs] Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita - 01 [1080p].mkv
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Did anyone else even watch this shit?
I will, but not yet.
Childhood friends wins but she's also ugliest and worst girl

>character has fucking rad powers out the ass
What the fuck? Maybe it's just me being lazy but I always assumed anyone else would also love to have special powers. Is this some Japanese thing, because I know they have this mentality that you're not supposed to stand out or some gay bullshit.

I just can't fucking sympathize with a character at all when they have that retarded mentality. For someone who wants an easy life, wouldn't you just be more glad of powers that would make it that much easier? I mean, it's definitely not like a normal life is fucking comfy or some shit. Normal lives are hard, boring, and short. You DUMB ASS.

I would kill to have powers, and I mean it too.
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Don't superpowers in anime usually come with the caveat of having to fight monsters with them? I think characters are usually pretty happy to have special powers otherwise, like in Natsuiro Kiseki.
>Don't superpowers in anime usually come with the caveat of having to fight monsters with them?
Yeah but even then you'd think most people would enjoy the opportunity for excitement.

People living normal lives risk death all the time for fun, you'd think they'd have no problem going into a dangerous but potentially entertaining situation where they had powers designed to combat the risks involved.

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Dunno if I have the time to, but I'm starting the thread early and hoping TS and edit anon can see this.
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suzu want down.jpg
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The Sweat of Youth

Ousai is pressed for time by the Cultural Festival preparations

"It's so hot... I'm dripping with sweat"

"Me too. It's clinging to my skin"

"The president and vice president clung together and were drenched in sweat..."
"We're gonna censor this later"
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Comic 1
Guy helpers

"What's up with this"

"Latte art sure is difficult"
"It's just practice. We're selling these in the Cultural Festival"

"Uhh I came to help out, but what do I do?"

"Drink the failures"

Comic 2
Lots came out


"That's no good"

"3D latte art is impossible for amateurs"
"Something like this I guess"

"Tsuda-kun, drink this too"
"I kinda don't wanna drink that"

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oniichan oniichan oniichan.png
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How should imouto refer to her brother?
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onii chan
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Why there are no bishounens in hentai gangbang hentai rapeshits?

Getting real tired of orcs and faceless/ugly old men.
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because that will like to the victim so it won't be rape
>hentai gangbang hentai rapeshits?
hentai gangbang rapeshits*

I fucked up

>because that will like to the victim so it won't be rape
what? It's still rape as long as the girl was forced to have sexual intercourse. It doesn't matter what the rapist looks like.
2 more months till blue ribbon comes back

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ITT: 10/10 anime movies

I'll start
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>furry shit

Delete this.

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>Dec 16, 2006
It was only yesterday... Right?
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not my orihime.png
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It was almost 10 years go actually.

In the meantime Renji turned Rukia into a milf and Ichigo was confirmed to be a cowtits lover.
>4channer of 2006
>most of your original 4chan peers has moved on and quit 4chan.
>When being an oldfag becomes embarrassing
>most of 2006 /a/ has moved on
I suck

In this decade, how do you fix Japanese male MCs?
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Make them Japanese female MCs.
shouldn't fix what ain't broke OP
By watching or reading anything that's not ecchi, harem, and/or isekai.

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Episode 1
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File: CskJwPtVUAA-TLc.jpg (36KB, 467x607px)Image search: [Google]
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This is her fate, poor girl she never scored

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Hey guys

Can we have a season 2 of Love Lab?
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>not yuri
File: 1396055497142.gif (904KB, 500x532px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah anon of course!

There is only pain here
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love lab.jpg
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Love lab is one of my guilty pleasures. I shouldn't enjoyed as much as i did. I want a season 2 but pic related won't allow it.

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