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No way fujos have this much money.
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their exactly like male otaku, they can buy several copies of tha same disc even more if have an event ticket or meet the seiyuus
Only Natsume and Yuri's character design and art aren't ugly.
I'm excited for Haikyuu

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I don't know if any of you guys are planning on watching the show, but does anyone know why episode one hasn't even been subbed yet? The first episode already aired, but no one has subbed it yet. It seems like one of those shows that would get picked up by fansubbers fast. Not even Daisuki or Crunchyroll have it. I just find it so strange that shit like Nyanbo is getting subbed extremely quick, but not this.

A message to any fansubbers who may be reading this, please sub Stella no Mahou, you're our only hope!
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Isn't this the exact same thing as Shirobako and New Game? Not even going to try picking that up.
New game was great, shush
Daisuke has it. But it'd be delayed for a week so it seemed.

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When this animu beginned to suck?
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Unironically saved anime
The second someone unironically uttered the phrase, "Beater".
Episode 1

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how much value do you put in visual direction?
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Now post them with movement.
I don't really see anything impressive here. Wow, they darken the faces during dramatic moments, woop dee doo. I wanted this show to be good
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Such platonic love
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Love is the best.

Love > all
It's unrequited romantic love. Madoka is friendzoned.
>homura gets to touch every inch of madoka every night and lick and kiss wherever she pleases

In what world is this fucking fair?

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Here is an occasional reminder that blondes are always best.
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Just a reminder that every single one of those shows is shit.
Tsubaki won though, albeit by fatality.

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You all said a lot of nice things about Haruhi in the last thread we had.
Look at how happy she is!
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Haruhi makes me happy
I love Haruhi and all but fucking stop spamming her cute face.

2nd cours is going to air soon right, anyone else waiting for this?

1st course is a bit underwhelming but I find it pretty entertaining anyway.
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I enjoyed the first season. Even though it was mostly man butts and character introductions, it was amusing enough.
I heard the author actually puts a lot of research on the characters. I don't know much about Japanese authors so I might miss a lot. Other than that the real Dazai drowns himself and the real Akutagawa got depressed over Dazai's death. Which explains Dazai's suicidal tendencies(he even got introduced trying to drown) and why Akutagawa is so obsessed with him. Pretty nice touch.

When the American Guild stars coming though I got most of the reference.
I finished season 1 recently and I'm really forward to s2, the show's pretty entertaining.

Post overrated anime ITT. I'll start.
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Why everyone love it so many?
That's it
That's the only overrated anime in existence.

>this kills the keionbu

What a fucking killjoy god fucking damn. What the fuck else does she have to do? She can join the keions or she can sit at home and play guitar alone. Why is she acting like such a fuckign bitch? She thinks she's too good for everyone when she doesn't even have any fucking friends? I wish she would quit, then she can watch the keions having a fucking rad time and jamming while she jerks off with her guitar at home and then hangs herself with a guitar string.
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>autism: the post
A few eps later...
>I fucking love asuza she is my waifu
>Why is she so cute /a/?
The Scrappy-Doo of anime

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Neck kissess, why do we barely see neck kissess in anime?
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We barely see any kisses period.
But neck kissess are even rarer.

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is there a waifu with legitimate autism /a/?
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Yes, you'rs
Shiina Mashiro

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Do you think Anno knew about inflation fetishes back in the 90's or is it mere coincidence?
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fuck off
Do you think Auska's massive cock and balls were able to fit in that suit?

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What happened, wasn't this supposed to be out by now?
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No subs until a week later than it airs. Thank Daisuki.

Ah, that sucks.
Hopefully it is just for the first week or some fansub group will actually sub something for once.

So after 1st ep I'm assuming its just girl version of Natsume? Is it going to keep this comfy mood or there will be some bigger plot?
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Natsume is already for girls.
still prefer Natsume over manly new Berserk...
there's nothing for you with this show.

It's meant for people who read the manga

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