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Based on the totality of their works, KyoAni is a better animation studio than Disney.
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daily kyoanus circlejerk thread
Once again, cute girl anus smells and tastes delicious, thus "KyoAnus" is not an insult.

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This is surprisingly really fucking good, but since it's #6 on YouTube's trending list right now, /a/ will probably hate it. That and crunchyroll

So what's /a/'s opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0
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What's with anime in movie theaters and DRAMA ?
It's like we can't have a japanese animated movie without crippling depression.
Fuck off with this shitpost bait crap already. There's nothing left to discuss and your other thread is already failing and you're just looking for a new bite.
Well I, for one, am contrarian to the point of loving everything. It is a state of Nirvana only the truest shitposters get to enjoy.

Just got back from listening to the orchestra perform Dvorak's symphony no. 9. Can we have a Shinsekai Yori thread to celebrate?
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Squealer did nothing wrong
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Only thing he did wrong was lose

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Is it over for SHAFT?
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Hibike isnt on too anon.
yeah, I don't expect any new show to be on a list with Doraemon on it

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You should be able to solve this.
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Are all the series this author does milked so much that they turn to shit?
you know how Yamada is going to end? a training montage where Ryu studies to pass the entrance exams for their school, while Shiraishi fucks off somewhere to parts unknown. Later we find out Ryu passed his exam but Shiraishi never shows up at the first day of university and drops out of touch with Ryu and the gang completely. Years later, Ryu is a teacher at the academy, and guess who he finds is still a student there? You guessed it, the body swapping witch
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Does not exist, straight lines are straight lines, they continue forever and don't have a vertex.

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Shiki is my waifu and no one can have her, not even Kokuto.
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You're waifu had a kid with another man
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>denying best OTP
is this bait?
Kokuto is a dense faggot with no personality.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

66 days!

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You're still a blithering idiot.
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I recently had to explain to my mother what oneechan meant as we were watching K-On. I felt dirty.

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Who's you're waifu anon?
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My wife Suiseiseki is so desu.

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Most overrated anime of the decade.

2010: Angel Beats!
2011: Steins;Gate
2012: Hyouka
2013: Attack On Titan
2014: Sword Art Online
2015: Non Non Biyori
2016: Re:Zero

Current front runner: Sword Art Online
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ur mum
>2016: Re:Zero
but that one is underrated.
>2013: Attack On Titan
Actually Non Non Biyori.

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First they replaced Risa Taneda with Nana Mizuki in the new WWW.Working. No worries, the show hadn't aired yet so the characters are all new and fresh.
Then they replaced her with Rie Takahashi for Shielder/Matthew/Mashu (whatever) in the highly popular mobage F/GO. Okay okay, getting kinda worried but it makes sense since the thing constantly gets updates I assume.
Now they've replaced her with Hisako Kanemoto for Erina in Shokugeki no Soma. PANIC Is Soma even getting anything?? A special video? Oh, right, Jump Festa

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This is your new Erina.
Did she marry the papa yet?
Poorthing, looks like she can only be a housewife now.

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Coffee or sweets?
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gween tea
Feecof or bust.

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Which is the best time loop story?
Which had the most suffering?
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Groundhog Day
The Index one isn't even a timeloop; it's just a bunch of different worlds created by a god specifically designed to torture the MC as much as possible until he finally decides to kill himself..
Shadow Play was great. Genuinely scary for a 23 minute short.

Beautiful Dreamer is fantastic; an all-time great anime film. God tier art direction, OST, excellent animation and one of the most enthralling build ups you'll see in an anime.

Groundhog Day was good. Bill Murray is really funny, and his wit carries the film, but Andy MacDowell ruins the film, along with the whole "becoming a good person" crap.

Higurashi S2 was good. Can be a bit sluggish at times but it's definitely one of the better TV anime.

Never read Muv-Luv Alternative. I watched Total Eclipse (not a timeloop) and it was pretty bad.

Re:Zero is trash.

Madoka is very average. Wouldn't have nearly the same popularity without the magical girl factor.

Never read All You Need Is Kill.

Steins;Gate is ok. Good fun time travel story, but extremely overrated.

Endless 8 is dead set garbage.

Hakomaria is fantastic. Some of the most unique and well written characters in a japanese story.

Never read Index, but I'd guess it's mediocre.

I dropped Tatami Galaxy at episode 1. Stylistic my arse, I'm not going to engage myself in an anime that plays the first episode in fast motion. Pretentious.

Majora's Mask is a fantastic game. Pushed the boundaries; there was nothing like it at the time.


Never saw The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


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Admit it /a/. You all look like this guy. All of you.
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wrong, i look like this
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Are you trying to summon spoilers for P5?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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I am the fin of my fish.

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I finally understand why I can't stand English dub.
>They try too hard
They use overly pretentious language and it sounds like a business powerpoint.

If they started sounding more casual, like the Japanese dub, it might be bearable. Do any of you feel this way?
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>Do any of you feel this way?+ 0 post omitted.

No, I love dubs.
fucking this

they try too hard and it comes off really forced
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Japan is a language so chocful of various honorifics that it's hard to effectively translate to English. You always run the risk of sounding either too formal or too informal. Especially considering English is a pigdisgusting pleb language that doesn't even differentiate between formal and informal forms of "you".

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