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How hopeful are you that your favorite idol will get her strips animated?
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Considering Anya's popularity I imagine she'll have a lot of screen time. If she doesn't I riot.
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Happy birthday to the boo(k) idol.

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ITT: People who don't deserve the hate they get on /a/
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>on /a/
>not deserving contempt one way or another
picture unrelated I suppose
He made Ponyo, he fucked up The Wind Rises by inserting forced romance into it that ruined the movie and he gave Howl's Moving Castle a shit ending. Really everything he did after Spirited Away was poor.

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I want to watch evangelion with a friend.

I've saw it a very long time ago. Should I watch the original series or the rebuild movies?

>in b4 evangelion
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>the rebuild movies
If you don't realize you should avoid Rebuild at all costs by looking at >>149063621's image, you're beyond help.
I only ever saw 1 and 2. I have no idea what the fuck that is.

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my dick
It was my wife, Chino.
drinking too much cawfeee

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>How would you fix this?
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do the chunin exam properly without sudden shift. no more stupid shit. no gary stu or overpowered stuff. more adventure.
Give Sakura a different hair colour, and style.
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Fuck Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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This. Fuck this piece of shit. Who even watches this garbage?

This. Seriously, I've never watched a bigger pile of steaming shit. 0/10 characters. 0/10 plot. 0/10 depth. Only fanservice and mindfuckery.
>HURR I'm so deep. Look at muh Jewish-Christian references.
Seriously fuck Hideaki Anno. I hate that guy. How can that guy possibly love himself??

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Post a picture of an anime without actually showing it.

Heres an easy one to get things going
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pin the candy bar?
Yellow Push Pin Chocolate Bar! An obscure but mediocre SoL from the 80's. That wasn't easy. I had to look it up.
Autism is a hell of a drug

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So, whats her deal? Is she just a nice girl who likes to battle, or a bitch and sadist who uses a nice girl act to fool people?
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Does it matter?

At least you can fap to her (in America) without it being child porn.
She's an autist who just learns new things at a bullshit speed, but has no social skills.

So she learned how to Keijo really well, but she has no friends other than Nozomi and that one background character whose hand she couldn't stop herself from holding.

That's kind of sad...

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saki live action

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I would ravage that cunny.
There is already a thread
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saki is menma

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>Funimation having an early release so it can qualify for the Oscars.

Who's ready for Shinkai to be the 2nd person to win the Oscar after Miyazaki?
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Stupid Oscars aside, sweet I was hoping to see this in theatres.
Holy shit, Keit-ai is going to win an oscar?
Miyazaki just got lucky with Spirited Away given that the year it competed in had no western film with a strong critical reception. Your Name. has to compete with Zootopia, which was well-received or probably Moana if it turns out to be the better-performing Disney movie.

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>Not posting the new Mc
both are shit
all might is fake and saitama does give a fuck
> capeshit

ELEMEYO even Goku is a better hero than these 2.

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This is why kyoani is called special
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>PA works
Specially proficient at fucking up S2s.
PA is better though.

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This is a college student.
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So am I
I didn't realize there are so many cute girls like myself in college.
I am Nene. Nene is me.

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What was the point of this character?
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Stupid moeblob with a very shitty haircut
To pander to waifufags.

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Where are the witches?
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Delayed a week due to "production issues".

AKA, they didn't make the deadline.
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We got OVA1 instead of Episode 4 today I think.

Rall is also a very big girl
Why does Rossmann have those pink lips?

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