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Which Pani Poni anime opening is best?
I like 2.
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I want to fuck becky
Quite obviously Shoujo Q, whichever one that was.
Roulette is top teir. 1 and 3 are still good shit, but 2 is just too good. It's like anime opening crack.

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has there been anyone from the anime industry ever posted here once?
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I work at KyoAni, If I get dubs we'll make Haruhi S3

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>that massive dump of 5 chapters
thank you based scanlators

Michi a cutest
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Highly illegal
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Shouldn't we be cathing up with the raws already? How many chapters are there actually released?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I had to remind you to post it.
This is so 2012.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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Is there a better ED in existence?
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>Is there a better ED in existence?
That is some big claim you're making here.
I hate ponycanyon.

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Do you like senran kagura?
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I like Snek.
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Only the OVA and the games.

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>Anime OP/EDs you got emotionally attached.

I'll start.

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Never understood the love for KnK ED. Just generic boyband pop with meh visuals.

OP on other hand is masterpiece of direction and storytelling, as well having better song
Best OPs/EDs of the Season

OP of the Season
Yuri on Ice OP

ED of the Season:
To be Hero

God tier:
Shuumatsu no Izetta ED
Flip Floppers ED
Show by Rock S2 OP
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku ED

Great tier:
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume OP (best refrain of the season)
Yuri on Ice EDs
Hibike Euphonium S2 ED
Ironblooded Orphans OP(Spyair so great status is given)
TO BE HERO OP (MOB 100% killer)
Keijo!!! OP

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Would Galko be a good girlfriend?
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No. The freckles glasses girl is the best girlfriend material of the group.
No, she speaks fucking Japanese.


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All according to keikaku.
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We're supposed to feel sorry for a monster that tortures it's victims with fear so they can taste better?
Wait, so Acacia wanted to bring back everything that was eaten by Neo, and.. what happened between that flashback and the present to make him evil as fuck? I don't get it. Was he always being possessed by neo until now??

What went wrong?
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That was the best thing about it
Reminder that if you hate Shirou, you're a pleb with shit taste

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why the fuck those /a/ hate naruto but this pile of shit gets a free pass?
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>There are threads talking about how bad it is
>That means people like it
at least they don't boycott it and i've seen some threads where they never even talk about how bad the show
i made a thread not too long ago and everybody started calling me a narutard and hating on me
It should bing cancelled at episode 12 I can't wait for dragon ball to die.

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Talk about the Overlord Manga and Anime, mods need not check in.

Have you preordered your special edition yet edition.

S2 when?
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Who is LandFall?
Some shitty vampire lord that was defeated by 13 Heroes scrubs.
> vampire
Wow, sounds like a threat to a Nazarick.

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Why does /a/ hate Space Dandy?

I thought it was fun.
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I liked space dandy quite a bit. might have been my favorite anime that year.

/a/ hates good things sometimes.
It's just typical contrarian faggotry, you can ignore it.
Also, the OP is great.


Post girls that would be much better with short hair.
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Most of them tbqh.
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Literally none of them ever.

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You mfs better get your vaginas ready for the Paki Annie Maes scene

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I thought anime was haram
Pakis are haramis though
Muslims LOVE anime, especially shounen. You cannot find a muslim who isn't into DBZ, Naruto or One Piece.

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