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I wanna massage her juicy thighs so bad. She can come at my salon any day, so I can oil her back and steal kisses from her.I have a long hair fetish too.
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>Evil Lady

Um, OP
How do I say this
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I recommend watching Chrono Crusade to get over the hurt anon
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I don't know what to tell you, dude. The MC finally ended up letting go the thing that was ruining his life for the last decade.

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Yohane, Shoukan!
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Yohane is the sexiest raibu.
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Happy Honkaween

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Z > Dragonball > GT > Super

Ranked them in terms of memorable scenes, character development and best interactions.
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I didn't watch GT because the first episode it aired a friend came over and the fuck didn't want to watch it, and my fucking mom was telling me I should play with him instead of watchin TV
Dragonball > Z > Super >= GT

Super anime is just terrible, they should have waited a year or 2 and let the manga get further ahead then consolidate the material as the manga is actually very enjoyable compared to the anime

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I hate Rei so hard, she is worse than fcking asuka.
Misato ftw
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>so hard
This, I can agree with.
So hard.
If you did not masturbate to Rei and Shinji fucking then you don't know shit about evangelion.
I hate her, but that doesn't mean i didn't masturbate to her. duh

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This chapter is weird, man.

Shokugeki no Souma: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/gpdQ118G/file.html
The Promised Neverland: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/HmWhr2fB/file.html

Boku no Hero Academia >>149234647
World Trigger >>149234959
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>My parents are overseas
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My parents are over the ocean,
My parents are over the sea,
Oh bring me my shonen adventure.
Oh bring all the cute lolis to me!
My parents still gone,
And I'm smelling some drama,
Where can I look for advice?
To get rid of Mari Okada!

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Corpse party?
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Watched it when it got released. Fuck,why did Seiko have to die?
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Sure why not?

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Here's the latest chapter of Jitsu wa Watashi wa. Prepare yourself for the return of the Evil queen!
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What do you guys think about Soul Eater?

I don't usually ever see this show brought up except for some rare occasions and even then it's usually frowned upon and stacked to the same stash as naruto and bleach.

Well I have just finished watching it so I don't have any nostalgia goggles on.
And I have to say it wasn't really even that bad.

My main complain would be the weird as hell pacing of everything.
Black star was a mistake, if he wasn't a thing and it was mainly about Maka as main heroine the show would be better tenfold.

It's just an above average shounen battle but Maka's voice gives me tingles, holy fuck is it good.
Worth watching just for her voice alone imo.
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The reason people shit on the anime is because the anime was much worse than the manga. The anime introduced various retarded anime original bullshit and skipped out on a number of the better scenes.

If you enjoyed the anime, then go read the manga.
wtheck ar e you smoking blackstar was the best part of the show fucking NERRDD

in all seriousness tho i had a wonderful time watching as well, ending not even that bad when you take it as more of a stylistic ending then a literal one
It was enjoyable until anime original content was introduced.

Spot on about Maka's voice though.

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Kumiko is more beautiful and oozes with more raw sexual energy than any other girl I've ever seen.
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Your mom is more beautiful and oozes with more raw sexual energy than any other girl I've ever seen.
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post rares

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I DEMAND A NEW BANNER CONTEST FOR /a/! Why the fuck did a banner with that stupid meme win? You can see it was made by outsiders. Fucking stupid moderation accepting retarded banners.
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>not seeing the main problem with the banners which is that they are literally ads for your board
The worse the banner, the better for us.
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You should've bought more passes and voted your banner to the victory man.
People who see the banner will think we are some ironic retards who only like anime ironically, you dumdum. This "self hating weeb" thing is killing /a/.

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Are you happy??
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they say Happy Halloween

My wife Mugi looks so good in her costume!

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Chapter 49+50 are out.
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anya a cute
any feet?
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This is a leg mango.

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What CG idols do you want to spook you?

(Nightmare mode: no Koume, Tokiko, or Mayu.)
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Koume though.

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