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Everyone has forgotten Chaika
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You couldn't be more wrong.

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>Trick or treat baka! Gimmie all your pudding or I'll egg your house!
What do you do /a/?
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Decide on how to forcefully lewd brat against her will


What did she mean by this?

Also why does "pudding" in Japan look like a higher-class dessert? Here it's literally just vanilla/chocolate custard.
Invite her in for some "Pudding".

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You open your door on Halloween and see these five girls in costume at your door. What do?
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Egg that fucking nerd on the left and laugh at her with all her friends.
How do I know it's costumes and not their regular clothes?

Because I'm telling you.

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Mfw ive mostly read shounen this year.
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I'm suprised you are not full of hot blooded emotions and the urge to protect your friends not that you have any
I have f.. friends! They're just 2D!
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How will you protect friends that aren't even in the same dimension?

Why are 14 year olds the best?
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They just are.
I prefer 12.
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12 - 14 / low 15
All JCs are best.

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Would you fug an orca?
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No I'd be in a funk if I tried sorry.
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I really really love Wadanohara.
Samekichi go to bed

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What does /a/ think about this manga?

It's been a year or two since I've read it and I still think about it from time to time. It really made me think/feel after almost every chapter, every chapter seemed very meaningful.
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Urasawa's best work.

Probably deserving of an adaption on some anniversary since Monster got an anime and 20th Century Boys got some live-action movies.
I remember the ending being a little choppy. It definitely could of been better. I have to re-read it soon since I did enjoy it a lot
Can't speak for everyone, but its one of my favorites. I enjoyed it more than Monster.

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When will this movie be subbed?
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I just want the raw.
Probably not before the raw is out, but who knows.
How is it doing anyway?

Was this the only anime worth watching this year?
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>Flip Flappers is Space Dandy lite
>Phantom World is Space Dandy lite lite
What did they mean by this?
Yeah, pretty much.

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>AOTS Winter: Phantom World
>AOTS Fall: Hibike Euphonium s2
>AOTY 2016: Hibike Euphonium s2
>AOTY 2017: Violet Evergarden
>Movie of the year: Koe no Katachi

Who can stop them?
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>another false flag thread

Fuck off, Shaftfag.
even if it's a false flagger i don't know how you can't pretend there are people here who genuinely believe this

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This was the Lewdest episode of the entire year yes even beating out anything in KEIJO!!!!!!!

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There's nothing appealing of sticking shit into people's asses.

I saw another series where that was also done. I can't remember what it was tho. If it was gin Tama where there was s Joke on it or something else. I can't remember right now. Probably gin Tama.
I mean, what about any one of the Masou Gakuen HxH episodes?
the art and animation in that show was too awful to be fappable.

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ITT: No one's husbando
I'm the only one
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I guess he's just not popular with Fujos
Well yeah, isn't that good? You dont need to share your husbando.

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It's time for spooky loli.
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spooky loli you say?
Is this what soccer/football would look like if you were allowed to use anything except your feet?
I don't understand why no soccer player ever has thought of weaving their hair into a basket, stabilizing it with hairspray and then using it to carry the ball into the goal without any chance of anybody interfering.

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Holy shit was this supposed to be a spooky show? I laughed my goddamn mind off
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I feel like maybe they wanted to to be funny.
Nice blog.

Liked and subscribed.

I went into it blind and based of the vague description on the site I watched it on and the cover I expected it to be like one of those classic Japanese horrors about a female apparition. The first ep had a pretty nice set up but then it was revealed to be a classroom curse show meh.

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Remember me?
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Makoto deserved the ending he got.
>The guy that I'm supposed to identify according to the guys behind that anime deserves what he got at the end
sekai didnĀ“t deserve to suffer
kotonoha is a bitch
and the only reason makoto sucks is because you can not go pure sekai because fuck everyone

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