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Anime dudes. I never got into dragon ball as a kid but recently started watching the original series and just finished it. Now I have to decide whether to watch DBZ or DBZ Kai. What would you guys recommend. DBZ has more content but a lot of filler where as Kai is more true to the manga and completely remastered.
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Watch both.
I don't fucking care.
Any particular reason why?

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ITT: Times where NTR backfired
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I remember a doujin where the guy beat the living fuck outta his asshole twin brother for cucking him with a fucking bat.
There also one doujin about a shota and a milf, the man discovered them in the avt, but he got a boner (he was suffering from lack of them) and spent so much time thinking about this that in the end the milf and shota confessed what they did (she got pregnant), he forgive them.
What's the best NTR dojin?
Is NTR when is the fetish of the victim? I remember a doujin where an old guy personally chooses a young boy to fuck his hot gyrao wife whike he watch.

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Who is the prettiest girl that has realistic proportions?
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>realistic proportions
Please leave.
Realistic proportions are imperfect and thus anyone with them cannot equal perfect 2D bodies.

Now fuck off back to xtube

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New Samon chap
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>"hey anon what anime/manga are you watching/reading" ?
>"Jojo's bizarre adventure"
""oh yeah? what is it about?"

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and just continue from there
cool guys doing cool things
I don't read/watch bad series so I don't know.
Sorry I could not help you with your problem.

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>ctrl F
>No weekly Grand Blue dump

Happy Halloween Anons
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Starting the dump
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Three times, every time it gets to the amnesia tier I just grow tired of it
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The amnesia arc is the best part.

>rescue amnesia girl
>end up being her replacement older brother
>end up full of arrows because you took in amnesiac threat to the entire world
>your last thoughts are a sense of satisfaction that you managed to save her and make an impact on her life
>she doesn't even remember who you are

Being Fulle is suffering
Also, did this anime just come out too early to be immortalized online? Screencaps are few and far between and basically nobody talks about it despite some cool as fuck ideas, gorgeously animated dragon mecha fights, and Mogudan character designs.

>tfw no touges in the area
>Eurobeat fell out of fashion
>no friends to form a team with a cheesy english name
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I'd form a team with you anon.
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>it's not the 90s
>never been to the top

best anime boys
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Best boy (female).
that's not mendou

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Koe no Katachi is now officially bigger than Madoka and the whole Monogatari triology. Will it surpass GaruPan?
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Forgot the source: https://www.anime-recorder.com/ArticleDetail.aspx?seq_no=9942
The studio must be building a temple for Yamada now.
She's their biggest money bringer. Even more than Tatsuya "I made Haruhi and Clannad" Ishihara.

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What anime?
Man, that episode was beyond retarded, literally added nothing to the show.

>spoonfeed me
You fell into my trap! I was, in fact, well aware this was Psycho Pass from the very beginning!

I bet you feel silly now mr.

Who thought filler eps were a good idea in 2016?
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I don't really care about it as long as its enjoyable and watchable.
Everyone dropped it?
I'm still watching it, but I don't really have anything to say about it. It's unremarkable at the moment.

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izzat a fat ass i see.jpg
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Honestly looks like she has a pair of balls with no dick at this point which is like the hottest thing ever.

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>ugly as fuck
>meme octopus hair
>no concept of fashion sense in everyday life
>acts like insufferable bitch with other people except one girl
>tries to cosplay a turbo lesbian with that girl just because she wants to make one guy feel salt
>voiced by literally who and makes a stupid noises

Worst girl of 2016.
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fuck you
Fuck you OP. Kumiko is the most perfect girl of all time
There's these cool things called 'exit bags' you should try out.

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>bought a 1 month Fakku subscription for 25 dollary-doos
>only had around 20 doujins with any pregnancy content
>of those, 75% were the "MC gets knocked up on the last panel of the last page" variey

Man, what a fucking ripoff. I assume none of you have a Fakku account, right?
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>paying Jacob
Please kill yourself.
>>bought a 1 month Fakku subscription
Stopped reading right there.
>bumping the thread

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