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>One year since last update

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Pretty sure the author serving in the military for another year.
I thought JIN just didn't want to continue it. Besides he's doing Black general now.
A, sorry. I was thinking of another popular short series where the author had to serve for a couple of years.

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Daily reminder NTR = Cuckolding = You are subhuman garbage that should be killed
From the last thread, is there a list of what he uploaded? I only checked for the porn.
wow. ded thread.

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What's her favorite sport?
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Hifumi is gonna use the money she got for producing her New Game to buy 4Chan pass
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I miss her. Will we ever see her again?
yes, in >>>/vip/
Stop pretending to be my waifu Hiro

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New translation group picked this back up
Let's see what the """""invisible""""" pervert girl does now
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This is a girl hyena (female).
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is she gonna give the MC her psuedo-penis?
How does one work with that, anyways? Is it sword-fighting?
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Sae and Hiro are annoying. Hidamari would have been better if Nazuna and Nori were there from the beginning and Chika/Natsume had more prominent roles

Debate me
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They're all annoying.
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How is it possible for someone to have an opinion so objectively wrong?
Feel the same way and have said this before

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This was objectively the peak of anime.

If you disagree you are just a biased loser in denial.
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No objections, heh. I knew it. This truly is the peak of anime.
Not even the best Ghibli, which is Princess Mononoke.
It was certainly one of the best animated films, in terms of pure technical skill, of all time.

However it isn't even my favorite miyazaki film, nor does it have the single most well animated scene in a studio ghibli film(Laputa is my favorite, Howls as the most impressive single scene)

So MC is getting none?
As a fellow fat man this makes me extremely happy and aroused.
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Is it really that difficult for you to remember the main character's name 4 episodes into the series? Are you retarded?
What makes you think I don't know how Kirito is called? Dingus
I genuinely had to check an episode to remember his name was Kageyama.

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Why haven't you watched Slayers yet?
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But I have. Years ago.
Nothing's beaten it genre-wise.
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but i did about 15 years ago
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>There are people in this board right now who haven't watched Slayers

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What does /a/ think of Dragonball?
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Im waiting 30 minutes now. Where is my dose, doc?
Please doc, I need my dose.

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what the FUCK was his problem /a/
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A poorfag wouldn't understand.
dragon fetish
Ego the size of the great pyramids.

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Has the world finally moved past K-ON! ?
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What has the world moved to now?
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Non Non Biyori

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My name is not important.
What is important is what I'm going to do.

I just fucking hate this world and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill and it's time for me to die.

My genocide crusade begins here.
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But Ryuko is actually very sweet and caring.
The butthurst this game caused was funny to witness.
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best waifu

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God damn.

I missed this show while it aired but holy fuck what a ride.

They totally nailed Kakeru's character as someone with survivor's guilt, a family history of clinical depression and risk of suicide

The way he so desperately wanted help but felt like he couldn't reach out and lashed out against the people he loved

Also Suwa was a total bro for being able to look past his feelings for Naho to prevent Kakeru's death, KNOWING that if he didn't his dream could come true

Really a good watch and I generally don't care for romance
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agreed, 10/10 can't wait for the movie
>the whole montage where you see his regrets from the original timeline play out like a slow motion car wreck
>then watch him get hit by the truck and die in the ambulance
I should have seen the feels coming
She looked so much better with long hair, what was she thinking?

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