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It would be worth it.
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A kiss for death?
>Just a kiss
Fuck that, I'm painting the inside of her cervix since I know for a fact I'm not coming back.

She got the yuri flu.
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I was actually pretty disappointed by this. Which is weird, because I was expecting literally nothing. I knew there going to be a yuri kiss in these series, and the manga page kind of made it look all dramatic like it was a confession scene or something. But then it turned out to be a stupid joke, and the one girl made a stupid face after the kiss. Oh well.
Best girl

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Fellow Triggerfags and KyoAnifags, as you know, next season we'll be having Little Witch Academia and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon air. As you may also expect, shitposting will be off the charts for both these fanbases, and most likely there will be attempts to turn us against one another. However, we should stand strong and not let them get it their way with us. Trigger and KyoAni are both studios with very talented animators and staff, and also with great integrity, and that's admirable of both of them. This winter season, let's agree to that, that these studios are both good, and that there is no reason to compare their shows to each other, let alone put one above the other. Here's for a friendly winter season and a friendship to last forever.
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Shit, I forgot.

Disclaimer: the designs and artstyles of the characters in OP's pic is NOT representative of the official designs of the shows, so please refrain from using them as an argument in your shitposting shenanigans (if possible, refrain from shitposting at all).
Also, I know I fucked up her eyes. It was literally the last thing I drew and didn't want to redo it.
>this level of autism

Have a (You) for the drawing at least

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Mikan thinking about it.jpg
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Mikan will be a big slut like Momo in no time at this rate.
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Good. I want that threesome bath scene like right now.
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but only for her brother so its okay

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The best elf, prove me wrong.

Post your favorite older/retro anime

Also to the guy that asked about Record Of Lodoss War,
Funny, I'm currently watching the ova, which is the 13 episode series, and so far it's really something different from what you get to see nowadays. So far I've been enjoying watching it at night before going to bed, it's such a chill anime. The opening is killer desu, couldn't find the original on youtube to lazy:

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I hate elves.
I wouldn't eat with them, sit with them, or sleep by them, and I sure as hell wouldn't copulate with them.

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Is there a name for this type of girl yet?
Sometimes yandere, sorta creepy, bushy/sex hair, socially awkward/desperate for love/friends.
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How they will stop him?
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THE ONE is here now.
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have you eaten your greens today anons?
Fusion Dance into Gogeta.

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Freddy on the front page!
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Why is she called Freddy?
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here comes freddie.webm
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Because one can only dream of such a killer beauty
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So, I just watched the first episode of K-ON. Which does /a/ think is better, Love Live!, or K-On? Also, for each, sub or dub?
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Love Live is an idol show with some SoL. K-On is a SoL. Also kill yourself faggot
They're both trash.
They're both complete garbage.

Who was the last anime girl you fapped to?
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How dare you
How dare I what anon?

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Yuma is a veritable angel. Also seriously why is no one talking about this? I've been looking forward to it since it was announced and I haven't been disappointed
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Honestly I feel that Yuma carries the show, her personality makes the punchline better and sets this show appear from other accidental chosen one Mahou Shoujo.

In short, yes I'm enjoying it, I'm enjoying the comfy fun and some concepts, but I'm mostly in here for Yuma.
Likewise man, next episode when she finally becomes a foxgirl-- I'm going to fap for like six hours straight. Well, there's that and the fact that White Fox is my favourite studio.

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Why do the Gochuumons get so much porn?
They're not the lewd.
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i'll lick her toes hard
>Why do the Gochuumons get so much porn?
They dont even have enought

There is no bunny porn. All pictures are pure, except we lewd them in our head

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People who did nothing wrong.
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What's she so confused about?
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Why this little girl is sitting like this.
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How her show turned from awesome to garbage in 12 episodes

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