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Nee-sama Nee-sama, why do they still deny Re:Zero as the best anime in the past 10 years?

Remu Remu, stay away from them, their terrible taste will infect your pure and beautiful form.
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It was an enjoyable show, but the best? I mean it gets pretty boring episode 18 on wards, where they say fuck off to the mystery/horror/thriller/psychological elements of the show, you know, the elements Re:Zero was praised for in the first 17 episodes or so?
Nee-sama Nee-sama why did they make this thread again?
Still trying, lad?

Should we spoil and pamper little sisters?

Or should we raise them sternly, so that they may eventually become well-adjusted, productive members of society?
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I don't want my sister to be a productive member of society. I want her to be completely useless, and fully dependent on me to care for and take care of her. She can just live in my spare bedroom forever, neither of us need anyone or anything else.
>>implying she wont resent you
>>implying she wont hate herself.
>>implying the two of you will not end up a pair of miserable co-dependents.
>>actually romanticising this scenario
but anime

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Anything to add ?
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If you mean out of every OP ever you are hilariously wrong. If you mean out of just Jojo Stand Proud is vastly superior.

So either way you're wrong.

Now you remember your favorite ghost girl
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I love me some slutty ghost.
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Why do you assume I forgot?
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I love her

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So, is he black?
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Oda said that if One Piece was based off the real world, he would be from Africa, so yeah, most likely.
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usopp = flavor flav

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Childhood is when you Idolized Naruto and thought Sasuke was really cool

Adulthood is when you noticed Sakura the Beautiful
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>Sakura the Beautiful
Alright, which hole did you crawl out of?
>not getting it
Lurk moar faggot
Well I give you that, she is canonically a "superhuman beauty" as described in road to boruto

Why was this allowed?
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What was?
Is that censorship with a head? Just to be sure.
The fact that they're naked.

What does /a/ think of Last Exile?
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I watched the first couple of episodes and couldn't get into it.

Probably because I was about 12 at the time and it went over my head. I should give it another go, it's been 11 years.
Started out good and intriguing, turned to shit in second half after main villain became prominent.
I still can't stop being mad about that thing they made. Fuck.

Why are the Finns so poor?
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They've got nothing other countries want to buy.
All those early years of race car breeding cost too much.
They have girls.

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Drifters and Keijo are getting English dubs apparently with a couple of episodes out already.

I don't keep up with dubs and obviously I'm not telling anyone to watch them, but it's rather surprising to see shows getting dubbed while they're still airing isn't it or has this been going on for a while now?

Does this mean anime is becoming mainstream enough for it to be ruined by western audiences?
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FUNi's been doing "simul-dubs" (their term) for quite a while now, at least since the start of the year.

I think they tend to be about 5-6 eps behind but since I don't give a shit about dubs (or FUNi), I don't keep track.
Therr are alos dubs airing along side the sub for

Shuumatsu no Izetta and Yuri!!! on Ice as well as Show By Rock!! 2nd Season
>but it's rather surprising to see shows getting dubbed while they're still airing isn't it or has this been going on for a while now?
Yes, and it's part of the reason dubs have been so shit lately.
Simuldubbing was a mistake.

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Sylvia at your service!
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I didn't watch this far but i cant believe he actually lewded the loli, The absolute madman.
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>GAR as fuck in that battle
Best girl.

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Is he our guy?
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>Is he our guy?
what did he mean by this?
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It's a /v/ meme.

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>cop (who are all scum by the way, no exception)
Is there anything redeemable about this bitch? She should've been treated like her mother.
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Go thataway BLM-kun
don't cut yourself on that edge
How was that /pol/?

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Are you turned on, /a/?
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Anatomy looks a little funny.
nah, Shigure never really did it for me
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i've been reading it recently and thinking it's pretty good, just want to see you bloke's opinion
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>it's pretty good
That doesn't look like the Nisekoi I know
Why did gorilla dye her hair?

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