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This is your mochi vendor for tonight.
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Why is Anko so much better than Tamako?
cause her mochi is fresher
Anko more like manko

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so what's the possibility of a Code Geass r3? after all, it is proven that Lelouch is still alive
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Are you one of the idiots who didn't realise that Akito was set between seasons or one of the idiots who buy too much into nonsense fan theories?
>People want a story that concluded to continue even though it's already over.
>People bitch about how the continuation sucks after it comes out.
Don't like that's exactly what would happen if R:3 came out.

So what anime have you enjoyed the most in 2016 so far, /a/?

Hardish mode: no sequels/prequels/remakes.

I'll have to go for Yuri!!! on ICE, although perhaps it's just because it's currently airing. I didn't watch much this year but nothing else (that wasn't a sequel) grabbed me as much.
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poco's udon world!

3-gatsu in second place
Stella no Mahou, Ping Pong Girls and ClassicaLoid
In general this turn out to be a decent season.
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I am still pretty new to anime compared to most of /a/, so I mostly caught up on classics this year. Of the ones I have watched week to week, Keijo!!!!!!!! is still number one. It is too much fun not to be. Highlight of my week every week.

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Do you watch anime in movie theaters?
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Too scared of theater shootings.
Can't get around the no singles policy.
Getting to see Belladonna in the theater was neat

This is a Japanese fox.
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This is a nine-tailed fox and a Scottish Fold.
Worst girl.

Did you like The Tale of the Princess Kaguya?
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>not liking a Ghibli film
Of course I did.
One of my favorite jibblies
Yes, next question.

Is it possible to fall in love with a prostitute?
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In medieval times prostitution was a fairly common profession. There was nothing wrong with it since women could rarely find employment elsewhere.
despite popular belief they are still people, just doing a job which pays alot, i dont see a difference between them and wage slaves anymore, at least some of them actually enjoy their jobs.
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berserk 4.jpg
98KB, 506x275px

it's possible since she's the best girl

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STR or DEX, /a/?
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File: EXPLOSION!.png (786KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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INT obviously

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No mafia anime besides the shitty 91 Days.

Why live?
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Lurk more and watch more anime.
Nigga, just watch Hong Kong movies if you want East Asian gangster stories
Just watch Korean gangster flicks.

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>introduced an overpowered female protagonist whose main appeal is fanservice
>followed with male lead whose main appeal is achieving things through hard work even though he never achieve it the way he imagine
>author decided in the middle of the series to add an even more overpowered female character who is 10 times hotter that the female lead.
>he also introduced another male character who is a bigger loser than the male lead, but still manages to be the most charismatic character in the series.
>Now the Male and the female lead looks shit in comparison

What was Nisio Isin thinking?
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He realized that Medaka was boring and decided to throw shit on pages. Faggots still ate it all up.
>hurr durr medaka is mary sue shit character and every other character is much more interesting/reletable than her
But anon.
that's the point
I don't understand the love for Kumagawa. I couldn't stand him at all.

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Isuke 6.jpg
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What is it about ugly, completely devoid of sex appeal girls that prompts them to have drills?
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You sound like the same faggot that says that Kuro's unsexy. Kill yourself.
Don't insult Haruki's waifu.

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Who is the new Kubo /a/?
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File: 1437707907255.jpg (248KB, 907x1059px)Image search: [Google]
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You can't just get a new Kubo.
Hopefully no one.

>Wow, this development/plot point/character is fucking awful
>No, it's supposed to be bad because the author is a master trole. Kobo does it again
The final arc had some good moments.

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Do you self insert?
As what?
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The little girl getting fucked by 5 old men at the same time.
What a great thread, bravo OP.
Only in video games.

For anime I just ship.

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I'm halfway done with this. I'm decently enjoying it. How did you guys like it?
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I thought it sucked massive donkey dong

It has some good parts, but it's kind of meh.
The ending was shit and the sequel was canned.
>/threading your own post
Please do everyone on this board a favor and kill yourself moron

Bow to your goddess, /a/!
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why should i do that? when i could hug her with love and make babies with her
File: 1478401668284.jpg (515KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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I think she would rather me give her some donuts or pat her head.
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Iris is my one and only goddess.

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