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If you're waifu is from as show that aired in 2010 or later, you should just hang yourself.
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pic related?
Great thread. Glad to have quality posters like OP making /a/ a better place.
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now go fuck yourself op

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just finished reading Aku No Hana everyone ended with a happy life, but please tell me why I still feel like shit?
also what does this face trying to convey?
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Feel like we read different endigs OP. It was utterly ambiguous. That's probably why you feel like shit. You're trying to convince yourself everyone ended up happy when the truth is you just don't know.
>everyone ended with a happy life
you donĀ“t understand a shit autist
teach me

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in gamers club room
why is she so best
If oly she could've kept that long hair
Daily reminder.
All this misunderstanding is cause by Chiaki.

Removing Chiaki will remove all Misunderstanding.
Remove Chiaki now.

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tonight is the night
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It's gonna be slice of life tho
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You didn't forget about her, did you?
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No, I still masturbate to her now and then
Dropped at episode 2.
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shit was cash

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Easy one to start.
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That bus has no relation to Mayoiga other than being a bus?
I was trying to imply the title of an airing anime. Seems like I don't understand the intricacies of starting one of these threads.
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ITT: good anime to show to your children
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Boku no pico.
Black Bible
Oni ChiChi

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>megane's voice
Original what?

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why did k-on have to end? i cant get over it.
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If it didn't, it'd suck by now and you'd hate it.
Because the manga got shitty after they graduated from high school.
thats how i would like it to end

Why have none of Mizukami Satoshi's works been adapted into anime?
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Like for anything bad that's ever happened to anime, it's Imaishi and his retarded crew's fault.
>hear how Spirit Circle's better than Biscuit Hammer
>the story is tight as fuck up until the last arc
>half the villain's dialog is expository magic technobabble
>he gets promptly defeated by an honest-to-god Deus ex machina
>the protagonists aren't shown to get together

Yo, what the fuck?

why did they put kallen in a bunny suit and not CC...? Did the writers try to make Kallen more attractive? Well they failed terribly
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>CC more attractive than Kallen
I love this meme.
Your shit taste is unfortunately not a meme, but a mere fact.
Kallen already won anon

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>people say that Cocona is just a seasonal waifu
>three seasons later I am still in love with her
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This is a very sincere thread, no memes please.
It is a very sincere meme.

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Red Man only became a Counter Guardian because he was trying to stop a nuclear reactor from melting down or something like that, right?

So, how the fuck is Shirou supposed to actually avoid this fate, unless he suddenly decides to run the other way as fast as possible, which he obviously won't?
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By not being an autist obsessed with becoming a superhero.
By not being in the military?
Wasn't he in uniform in that scene?
it was my understanding that instead of a reactor, it was some magic mumbojumbo shit, and he wasn't a military but part of some anti-voodoo guerrilla shenanigas.

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The self-insert male protag in the last fotm harem animu you watched has been replaced with Takeshi Nakazato, the fastest racer of Myogi's Night Kids and Supreme Gentleman! How much better or worse did it get?
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At first it went to the top but then it was back on the rocks
Konosuba, because fags around here won't stop posting it. Immense improvement, I think.
Nakazato as the hikki MC in Tenshi no 3P, but its the Nakazato from nrzero's youtube dub. he convinces the girls to start making nigger music

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yuragi inn.png
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you may only pick one. choose wisely and state your reason.
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The mc because he probably has bogus powers and will help me because he has no agency.
My main girl Hibari of course

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Nobunaga no Shinobi thread.
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Glad I caught it in time to be the only other person in the thread.
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I want to fuck her.

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