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Why was Dressrosa so shit? At first I just thought it was fatigue from reading for so long, but WCI has had me on the edge of my seat this whole time. What killed this arc and ruined the climax for one of the most anticipated villains in OP?
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Too many characters no one gave a shit about hogging all the screentime.
The excessively long introduction of a bunch of characters you don't care about and their fight scenes. Also, Rebecca's story was so cliche and uninteresting her character just ended up being annoying.
Rebecca is the worst character in the entirety of OP and it felt completely forced for the SH to give 2 shits about her

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Please describe this child.
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Prime breeding material.
onahole with twintail handle

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>saber in fate/zero
>"I no kill master that's not chivalry"
>saber in fate/stay night
>"y no kill master?"

stay night is trash, you know
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Uroshitty didn't understand Saber at all
Stay Night came first if anything it was Zero and Uroshit that fucked her character up
Isn't the only master she was open to killing originally Shinji because he's a murderous little shit?

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thumbs up sumire.jpg
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Why was it so heartwarming? I didn't know I could like this kind of thing anymore but I loved it.
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people hate how it is getting repetitive with time, meanwhile it makes perfect sense in the setting. This is the weirdest feeling
A rare example of a manga with a satisfying ending. I don't think a graduation hit me that since Azumanga Daioh.
It becomes heart warming as soon as you see Sumire as an individual instead of a puppet.
Unfortunately for me, I never got past that point.
Which sucks because hair clips/short hair is top tier for me.

Eh? What was that? Could you like me, Anon?
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I only like HomuSaya
madoka posters do not have human rights
No, I have a waifu.

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Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?
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Haruhi season 3 is gonna look amazing
Princess Principal episode 5 had a better sword fight than any of this fate shit they put out ever has.

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*saves the fate franchise*

Hiroo Onoda, Mohamed, Hermann Arminius

Varg Vikernes, Harald Hildetand, Angantyr, Kali

Karl XII, Gustav II Adolf, Brynhildr, John III Sobieski, Charlemagne

Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, HP Lovecraft, Nikolai Tesla, Gandhi, Moses, Odin

Simo Häyhä

Leonidas, Jesus, Saint George the Dragonslayer, Odin

James Earl Ray, Judas, Rudolf Hess, Loki
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Kill yourself
Sorry, I'm tainted by /int/.
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>Adolf Hitler

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Why not?
Folded 1000 times
A katana that long couldnt cut butter.

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What's this I hear about a new season ?
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It's got a CGI hermes and no scanlines, instant 10/10.
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bait me harder, senpai.
Aoi Yuuki voices Kino and she's better than the original.

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ITT good premise horrible execution
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>female-dominated world

How does this have a good premise?
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gate 2.jpg
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GATE is the posterboy of this.

>oh hey, let's have a modern military invade a fantasy setting!
>that sounds great!
and it was all downhill from there

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has anime gone too far?
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anime hasn't gone far enough
File: 1472540617361.png (755KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
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there is no such thing as too much nopan!
Yeah, back in elementary school I knew a girl who did this once.

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What is your opinion on fat chicks?
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like everything

only 2D
Same as fat guys. Gluttons and, generally speaking, a drain on society in general.
File: 1487252199004.gif (164KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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>automatically assuming I was referring to 3D

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Did you forget the best girl already, /a/?
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Emily is my love. I will propose to her
File: 1476539885772.png (648KB, 954x838px)Image search: [Google]
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No, of course
best girl is dead mom

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Which Aqua is better?
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The spats-queen.
Is it true Aqua made her panties invisible so that Kazuma wouldn't be able to see them? What's the point if he can just see her bare ass instead?
They are magical panties that only dump people can see. That is why she things she is wearing them.

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So what does it mean?
Will it reflect the scenario from the animator expo short?
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What was in the expo short?
File: 1486900544566.jpg (605KB, 1280x1315px)Image search: [Google]
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Shinji gets stabbed, Rei Q disappears, a whole lot of symbolism.
>Shinji gets stabbed
Fuckin' finally.

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