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If you turned into a cute anime girl, which male character would you want to take your virginity?
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Another cute anime girl.

>they paint him as immortal shonen badass
>then they make you believe he died
>then he comes back as a typical immortal shonen badass
>then he actually dies

I... what.... what...
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When does he ever come back?
You dont actually think that episode 26 had the real physical Kamina talk to Simon and not a spiritual apparition right?
Its symbolism too, is this the first Gainax show you have ever watched?
>Kamina stop being so reckless, you're gonna die
>Kamina stop being so careless and think before attacking
>Kamina be more careful or you might die
>he dies
Whou could have predicted such tragedy.

He's talking about when Simon is going crazy cause Kamina is dying and then suddenly Kamina gets up a final time and they finish off the enemy together.
oh alright, well, he just uses his spiral power to be able to finish the enemy off before dying, its a bit crazy but its TTGL after all.

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Kallen a cuck
Who is the other girl?
Aki Izayoi from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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So are these 2 banging or what
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Only in Rin's dreams.
Who cares ? The only interesting couple is Nene and Umiko.
It's a platonic friendship, you'd have to be a deluded weirdo to think there's ANYTHING lesbian going on here

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Why did I just watch an entire anime about a girl's struggle with her irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cycle and unwanted body hair/odor?

Why would I immediately consume an entire second season of the exact same themes? Are anime fans this dumb and docile? Help me.
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You're probably a young male that has little to no experience with women and you wish to learn more about those majestic creatures.

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Have you taken your daily dose yet?
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Still feeling that writer change
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>rare Cockona

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Anime girls reaction pics thread, making them yourself instead of googling them is encouraged
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If you're not going to dump a bunch yourself, >>>/wsr/ is the place for you.
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I can dump a bunch that I made, why not

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Me on the right.
Why is this shit so therapeutic and what percentage of it is the resolution music?
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How many of you saw this coming
Call me when there's a lesbo episode. Or dragons.
Why didn't she just stop going to school?

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why did Shizuka choose to marry this absolute pervert?
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Its not rare for women to marry bad husbands.
Women are not known for making right decisions.
He saw her panties. Now she is ruined and can't marry anyone else.
He saw her naked body a continous number of times in the manga. So as the other characters

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I'll drown you in your cora
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I hate Dragonmaid, there, I said it.
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You said it.
op is a faggot, nothing new
Nothing wrong from hating shitty show anon..

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>red/purple/silver hair
>purple/red/yellow eyes
>being too tall
>being too short
>fluffy hair
>gothic lolita fashion
>being a tomboy
>being too demure
>flat chest
If your girl has at least one of those signs, she's shit
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ITP signs of a lazy OP

>Buzz words
>Buzz words
>Buzz words
>Buzz words

Did you just type the first things that came to your head? I mean come on, being too tall/short really doesn't matter.

Talk shit about himecut one more time and il himecut you.
>being too tall
These are good signs of a shit girl.

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epic meme.jpg
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How the fuck was I supposed to get this reference?
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By turning on a TV at any point between 1985 and 1992
By being a nip?
You weren't. You are not the target audience.

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Why is /a/ so triggered when there is a chinese anime (Donghwa) on this board?
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It's not anime
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What does /a/ think about american manga (comics)?
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Do they really use chemical-reaction based weaponry on vessels that traverse the stars?
Wouldn't that be extremely ineffective?
"Switch on your lasers" just lacks impact.

Also, Mittermeyer was a fag.
>"Switch on your lasers" just lacks impact.
Before firearms became commonplace they shouted RELEASE to the archers.
Words become badass because of what they are associated with.

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