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best puns and quips
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I love Pervert Aho.
do japanese schools have this moral commitee who checks their bags?

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Why are loli so rude?
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They are world-weary and have no time for lollygaggers.
Its a defense mechanism.
No, it's actually a training mechanism. Children test out what happens when they overstep boundaries. That's why it's important for parents to tell them off when they do. Otherwise they grow up to be dysfunctional adults.

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>Power is literally 2deep4u

How can Dirty Red even compete?
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You don't need strong powers if you're cute.
And yet Aoko still has them.

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define cuteness
This isn't mahjong
You tricked me

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A or B?
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>slapping Rin in the first place


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Which option involves stomach punching?

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Have you ever seen a more perfect waifu than Galko?
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Yeah, mine. Mine is perfect for me, but I'm sure yours is perfect for you. I'm glad you have a waifu that is perfect for you anon! I wish you two the best!
>3DPD in 2D form
Normalfags have taken over /a/
Galko is the perfect wife, but the perfect waifu its mine.

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What's her fucking problem?
Needs a dick in her.

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Are JCs a 10?
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JCs are a 9. JSs are a 10.
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Koume is the only 10.
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koume hiphop.jpg
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She's a treasure.

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Why is this punch bag popular again?
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Because haters like you makes them more popular.
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Weird how some things work out, isn't it? Her design, apart from the face, is simply goofy. Her characterization, while original and unique in concept, is, in exposition, still at least 50% of the typical, cut-and-paste otaku pandering waifuism. It's the last thing you'd expect to become a cultural icon that will have lasting influences in the medium, and beyond, for at least the next generation. But truth be told, seibaface a cute
She's arousing when she's suffering.

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Have you forgiven her yet, /a/? I know I haven't.
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Traitorous cunt
There's nothing to forgive. There was never any romance there to begin with.

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Describe this feeling.
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I wouldn't know. I've never been satisfied, even spooning with past girlfriends post-coitus.
fuck off normalfag

You really think a "normie" is on a spanish tapas recipe forum this late at night huh? Tell us then, have you ever been truly satisfied like the fellow in ops pic?

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Why do you hate them?
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They intimidate me
I'm not a fan of using CGI to replicate 2d linework; it always seems off, as if the models are too perfect.
Wrong pic, if you want to start a thread like this, you should have posted Nichijou.

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translations when?
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I don't get this
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Maegami 5.png
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She accidentally made too many sun icons with the pointer and bowed to the camera showing her cleavage, to the solid (I dare say hard) approval of the producers.

Also note the forecast: O O, or ideal tawawa weather.

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Decided to go back and reread part 5 of JoJo since i noticed there are better translations now, what did you guys think of this part?
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Well, it's pretty fucking good, for starters.

It's pretty fantastic, though it does suffer a little IMO from being so jam packed with fights but still only taking place over like 2 weeks or something, It would have been nice if the group had gotten a bit more downtime to flesh themselves out rather than almost always being in a stand attack situation.

That being said, still think it's great, pretty much all the fights are entertaining and the main group are all generally pretty interesting, sans Giorno to some extent, but I still think he works well enough as the 'silent protagonist' type, especially considering how he, directly or indirectly influences other characters.
To me Giorno was more of a tactician type character, who never really got to show emotion other than a few times. I think part of the problem was he was always the one sacrificing himself, to deduce the enemy's ability or something similar.

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THICC Talker
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Has VRAINS improved, the duels seemed boring
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they used too much reused animation, lastest eps like 70% reused animation

link is a mistake, there are barely any active thread since arc-v
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well just the moment Yusaku defeats Revolver had increase in quality by a lot but then it went back to the stable quality from previous episodes. It is going too slow in the action but the plot is being thrown too quick. They aren't even giving you hints each duel like in previous ygo seasons but adding more duels in vrains won't do it because even the duels are too boring

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