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Would you live with these family of hobos?
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I guess no one does
Please buy Hearts of Iron 4
I want to marry Arisu.

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Just got around to watching this. I think I have diabetes now. How did KyoAni take a mediocre, boring show and produce such a simple yet touching sequel? Miles better than the series.
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But TV Tamako is their secretly Magnum Opus.
Finds a way, etc. It's worth getting through Tamako Market just so you can watch Love Story desu. Aside from just being a well executed and simple story, it feels like an apology for missteps of the series while capitalizing on its best points.
Assenble Kannafags!

I fucking hate myself when i learnt of Love Story long after i marathon the series.

bad voice acting
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slow pace
ghosts don't make sense
Kill yourself.

Fuck off with Youtube shit.

Was she serious, anon?
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Yes. The doujins of that are pretty hot.
But why would she do it?
Why not?

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why do reifags pretend they can compete? it's honestly pathetic
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How about you tell me why Asuka is better first
Aren't you describing asukafags?
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asuka (2).jpg
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Asuka best girl
Prove me wrong, pro tip you can't

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etto etto
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desu desu
is this a thing like gomenasai face. please senpai elaborate more

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Monster Planet.jpg
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Are you still excited for Urobuchi's Godzilla?
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I was never excited. I just want Anno to direct more.
In the words of the japs when Godzilla 2015 was released, "He's too fat"
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Better image.

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ITT god tier openings

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Which Saber is best Saber?
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Saber-classic master race.
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>I want to use the Grail to wish that someone else was the King
>not Mordred, though

Why is Seiba such a shit?
Best girls reporting in.

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what go you guys think pretty good right
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But I want to ear her voice, I need to listen her again!
I know my heart will break into pieces when i see Arbalest die in the series.
Do we even know if it'll be a direct sequel to the story after second raid?

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Kaiji is pretty underrated around here
Kaiji is literally posted all the time. Also, you obviously weren't here when it aired.

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Was it rape?

Protip: no
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wow, this show has actual cucking in it? no wonder you fags love it so much.

It WAS rape, but she was totally loving it like any hoebag would've
What is this from?
dragon ball b

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This is your date for tonight.
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>Pudding with mayo.

I gagged.
That's not mayo.
Pls no bulli

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I would like to examine how intelligence correlates with taste in anime. I theorize that appreciation of older and less accessible works correlates with higher intelligence (as well as other factors). Therefore I ask for your cooperation to help entangle this serious problem, identify objectively "good" taste and establish a clear hierarchy of authority on /a/.

For this purpose I would like to ask you to undergo a relatively short IQ test at test (dot) mensa (dot) no, provide your IQ score, with a screenshot of the results page including the bell curve with your position on it.

You must also provide a list of anime rated based on your personal feelings on the works on a standard scale. The format may be an Excel or CSV file, clearly delimited text file, or some online anime tracker account (in which case I will require screenshot evidence that you do own the account).
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My favorite anime are Re:Zero and Code Geass. test (dot) mensa (dot) no isn't working when I type it in, but I'm pretty my IQ is 104.
How do I get paid to shill for mensa, too?
Here is the form: urx.blue/FfQd

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What makes busty blondes so good?
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aryan genetics
That type of body is the most generic so far.
the bust
blonde hair a shit, red is superior

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