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This is fucked up. I thought Fullmetal Alchemist was a kids show?
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It is a kid's show, grow a pair
Itachi butchered his entire clan, is Naruto not a kids show now?
Why were they shooting women and children?

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be honest, you would do the exact same thing he did wouldn't you? an infinite perfect dream sounds great.
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griffith did nothing wrrong.png
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Only if I could look as awesome as Griffith.

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I finally picked up this show after hearing several good things over the years and I ended up binging all of it over the course of two days. Wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did so I wanted to start a thread about it.

How did /a/ feel about Toradora? What do you like and dislike about it?

I thought it was especially nice that the main cast of five all had their own important roles to play in pushing the story forward and no episode particularly felt like filler to me.
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Good shit. Taiga a cute.
People meme about it being the greatest love story ever told, it's not.

Just watch more anime.
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in no way do I feel its the greatest love story ever told but I'll admit that I did feel its definitely among the strongest love stories that I've seen, thus far.

It also had some great scenework and much of its dramatic points I felt were earned, not shoehorned. I liked that, in many cases, the show was so much more then just a garden variety love story.

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I just can't get over how good A Silent Voice is
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Maybe you should get some taste.
I watched this last night and also can't get over how good it is
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I just can't get over how good Ueno is.

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Nature finds a way.
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New volume of Fate/Strange Fake on the way soon

Main feature this volume seems to be Gilgamesh vs Heracles Alter.
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Post anime you liked that everyone else hates.

>Aldnoah Zero
>Valverave The Liberator
>SAO (I even kind of liked the Gun Gale Arc)
>Elfen Lied
And probably a few others, I have pretty shit taste.
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>Post anime you liked that everyone else hates.
>Elfen Lied
These are all super-popular normalfag anime, though.
AZ was fantastic unironically though.
infinite stratos because ichika was funny

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I wanna fuck Suiseiseki
They should make literal sex dolls of Suiseiseki.
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desu 02.gif
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Will we ever get a season 3?
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The way she kept rubbing her body as she explained how the brothel works got me harder than literally anything in the series, holy shit.
>Darkness and Megumin doing a breast-off in the background

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This is my wife, Lt Riza Hawkeye. I am ok with sharing her with another man.

Say something nice to her
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Mustang, how can you use this website if you are blind?
Anon my point is I am ok with sharing her with another man.

That man is Mustang.
Please catch up.
I don't get why she can't use flame alchemy

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How old is Hanako from Yuru Yuri?
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enough to breed
old enough to be my daughter
File: Yuru Yuri Power Chart.png (518KB, 2138x866px)Image search: [Google]
Yuru Yuri Power Chart.png
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eight (8)

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Why hasn't K-On!! been topped after seven years?
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Tamako was way better.
Lucky Star was better
>Tamako was way better.
I sincerely hope that no one is actually this retarded.

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For me Sakura design is great and her fight against Sasori was her peak and then instead of being a strong character she became useless and annoying, only her doujins are top taste
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File: 51482579_p0.jpg (1MB, 2480x3508px)Image search: [Google]
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I hate sakura's design but your pic is really cool.

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/a/ seems wide open for a Kumiko thread right now.
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Your Kumiko is looking a little out of focus.
There's already one, unless this is a straight thread.
pls no bully octopus

Is it wrong to like all the girls?
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How you can like a boring shit like Megumi?
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Yes because Eriri is a shit.

Utaha a best. The others are fine.
How can you like a violent bitch like Eriri?

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