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ITT: Characters that would be extremely intimidating if they were an adult male.
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It would be extremely sad and cringy.
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Yuuta is still a teen in this scenario. Imagine if your dad acted like Rikka and constantly rambled about dark forces and threatened violence against imaginary beings.

Is this the most diverse anime cast ever?
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Taichi Yagami, Moka Akashiya, pic related after some tanning sessions and a transgender Joker.

That's indeed pretty diverse.
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It's only friday, it's not Saturday Night yet.
which explains why it's the worst macross
maybe delta is worse but delta had money behind it

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Id like to read/watch it and find out myself, but i dont have all that much time and would rather not waste what little of it i have.

Is the anim a good adaptation or do i just read the VN? Id like it in anime form more tbf
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nah, fate is awful.
Great idea, shitty execution by a bunch of shitty jap teen otakus. Anime somehow made it less shit.
Read the VN. It's great.

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I've been here for about 4 years now and I still dont really know who this girl is.
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ITT: anime that plotfags will never understand
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What the fuck is a plotfag?
might as well add "every Bones mech anime save RahXephon"
Someone who cares about the writing of a show and doesnt just rate it 10/10 because it has pretty animation

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why they hate asses so much?
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Japanese women don't have asses
A: I'm breast despiser and I hate asses.

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Who would let their daughter dress like this?
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A genius.
Someone with good taste in lolis and character design.
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>S2 never

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So this shit comes out in theaters today.


Is it any good?
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Saw it in the cinema back in June. It was pretty good, but not quite amazing. Definitely worth a watch.
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>watching a movie about kind-hearted cute girl getting fucked by brutal world
Was actually pretty good an not nearly as hamfisted as I thought it would be

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What went wrong?
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A tonal/thematic shift that turned off a number of viewers despite a solid payoff.
Marketing. And second half.
aired in the same season as a totally unshitpostable shaft anime so all the shitposters assaulted it instead

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Episode 6 today.
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Did not expect this.
She solved the problem of bullying.
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Too bad HS is delayed until CR put softsubbed version.

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I realized just now that most of you have shit taste. Not just in the individual anime you like, but on a fundamental level. You completely miss the point of animation and want it to be something it's not. Anime is, first and foremost, about the animation and how good it looks, and how creatively it's used. A really detailed plot is all nice and well, but if it has poor animation it might as well just be put in a manga or novel. A series with a simple, silly, stupid, or "fun" plot, but good animation used creatively, and good visuals, is a better anime than a series with a good plot, but shitty animation. This doesn't mean an anime with a good plot and poor animation can't be good, but an anime with good animation, style, visuals, and creative use, it's always fundamentally a better anime.

Anime is by NATURE a medium that is style over substance.

Now, many of you enjoy substance over style better, and thus your favorite kind of anime reflects that. it's not that those are not good works in themselves, but rather that they are not the best representation of what anime as a medium is. They may be very good, but they do not represent what anime should ideally be, instead only a certain niche of anime that succeeds as a story but fails as an animation.

By it's very nature anime is style first, and a series which gives style a backseat is not good as an anime.

Many of you will not like reading this. It's that you have shit taste for liking the anime that you like, nor that they are bad works in their own right, but rather that if the reason you dislike an anime is because it puts style and animation over substance, you have shit taste in anime and it isn't the medium for you. Manga is more suited to your preferences.

It's not that either medium is superior, but that they have different qualities which a series or work should be judged by.
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Didn't even read your shit faggot
Just wanted to tell you that everybody but me has shit taste
>be me 3
>eating a cake
>vomit the cake
>cry to mommy

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What are some anime girls that made you realize you have a king for something you didn't know before?

Pic related: Submissive nee-san
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>getting my shit kicked in
>armpit pussy

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How would you fix it?
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>Have antagonists that are actually compelling unlike the wind niggers
>Drop the love triangle bullshit, just keep it clean with whats his face and Freyja
>Give other characters some god damn development
That would be a good start.
More songs and more Freyja.
>Macross DELTA
>It's a love triangle

Literally POTTERY

does "osoi" really mean "slow bitch"?
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I have a doctorate in applied Japanese idioms, and I can confirm that yes, that's exactly what it means.
I have a doctorate in applied faggotry idioms, and I can confirm that yes, that you are a faggot
I have a doctorate in applied shitposting, and I can confirm that yes, that's exactly what you retards are doing.

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watched, expected, got
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