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I want to repopulate Manoyama
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Fine. I claim Maki.

>you will never get drunk with Maki
>you will never complain with her about your failed artistic aspirations
>you will never drunkenly make out with her
>you will never sloppy messy anger-sex with Maki
>Maki will never ride you for 30 minutes while you take forever to cum

I wanted healing not suffering.

>ywn get Maki to call you Daddy during sex

Kill me now
Pink Aoi a cute.

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Black Hanekawa is the best character in the monogatari series.
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She is definitely luscious, but I have her in a tie with adult Bat. I can't decide between them, therefore I want both.
doesn't look black

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You are the MC of the next big Isekai series. Pick one horizon girl to get reincarnated into.
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This Honda
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Is Aho Girl THE most trashy anime of all time?
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mfw mangaka for Aho Girl made those hilarious Fate Stay Night doujins
Yes, but once Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken starts airing in October it'll lose the title.
No that's Netsuzou Trap

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>Make a 12 year old character
>make her say this

What were they thinking?
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The IRL 12-15 year olds say way worse, harsher shit all the time nowadays. And ride the cock
i think what the author was thinking was something along the lines of "boy, i really want to fuck a 12 year old"
maybe throw something about sisters in there too
This line was written specifically to be a meme. It's so obvious that it was. How can you be this gullible?

Modern anime don't do enough to promote obscure fetishes.
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Are you sure?
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Threadly reminder that ursula has holes just for her armpits
What do they taste like?
You don't seem to understand what obscure means.

What is this face trying to convey
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She loves that seal dick.
We cut right to a still shot of his dick biceps.
What do you think?
It makes her vagina bones tingle.
I don't want to believe this with every fiber of my being, but seen her creaming all over the place for that dude leads me to think otherwise.

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ARIA may be getting a dub you guys.


Their video also mentioned using some of the funds to "update the source video material to blu-ray quality".
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>advertising a dub kickstarter
Public ban where?
Dub is trash but interested to see the blueray quality. Though it probably wont look good

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Fuck man, I miss Air Gear.
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>I miss a pile of directionless, convoluted trash
Literally why?
Why didn't Simca become a semen demon for anons?
>that one chapter a year or two ago that came out with all the fanservice
And here I thought AG would come back.

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After finishing the last episode of The Reflection, I can still safely say that Deen is still a garbage studio.
I forgot that was airing this season. Not worth picking up?
While I like seeing shows try different art styles, it is slow and the animation is pretty sluggish. If you have a high attention span then it may be worthwhile.

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Why did Keijo fail?
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Japs are gay.
Because the """""""""""""funny"""""""""""""" gimmick got old by episode 3.
Horrible shading. Nothing looks more shit and lazier than those retarded gradings, made all the butts look flat.

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Nyaruko is cute. Very cute.
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not really
it is a horrible monster, not your waifu

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what do you love about her
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what i love about her most of all is her friend and party member named Dustiness Ford Lalatina
Its fun to corrupt the innocent into degenerate acts.

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ITT: People who did nothing wrong.
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>Mfw the second unit is literally made by weaklings
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So what
You can't protect anything if you're weak.

Is it true that someone from N+ wrote this episode? Anyone can confirm?

On a side note, this episode was a vast improvement from the first introdutory ones which dragged for two entire weeks, sadly the first unit is just too OP so far making their struggle less interesting.

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