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what was his end game with Rin?
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Realistically, could a girl even tolerate having a permanently tsuntsun man like sesshomaru?
Wasn't Rin a homeless orphan? Having Sesshomaru look after you is an improvement over eating mud pies.

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>people can't change in 15 years they are supposed to be the same person always
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>When it's explain outright, it's bad writing.
>When it's explained indirectly, it's contrived.
>When it's not explained at all, it's an asspull.
There is no winning
It's staggering how many people believe this. Then they're surprised when divorce rates are like 60%

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Hinata didn't deserve Naruto. grow a personality bitch, you're lucky you have big tits and aren't bad looking or he wouldn't have given you the time of day.

does she even have an opinion or is everything, "whatever you want naruto-kun"

she must be controlling his dumbass with genjutsu, creepy stalker bitch
Sasuke and Hinata are losers....and Naruto/Sakura deserved better
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I agree with you on Sakura. But Naruto's fine.
The point of the series is that everything is determined by genes.
Someone needs to add this to the hall.

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Would you Big Mom?
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That's how Nami gonna age too
Well, that explain the amount of her children

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Where are the subs at?
Is there a delay?
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There is a hardsubbed version but I'll just wait for HS I guess.
oh i did not see that
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>ten episodes of a time loop
>nothing fucking changes, literally just repeats
>turns out in the end, all you had to do was try
>instead of the nothing they tried before that
>and ignore all other leads, those were red herrings and we are moving on

wtf who approved this maniacal plotline
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This is why you should watch the show with the better version of Haruhi.
>ten episodes of a time loop
Oh yes, I remember Endless Tendless.
pretty sure angel beats was garbage

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Scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/?
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Was gonna rip some mags to work on, but it appear that the EBJ script is obsolete again. Anyone look into it?
nah it's ded, buy the mags and scan them

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It's time /a/ got support for audio webms.
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Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Every board should.

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This hasn't gotten a thread in a while. Let's discuss anything pertaining to the 1989 anime, Warau Salesman NEW and/or the manga.
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What is this about?
DON DON DON. Too bad I pretty much forgot about the old series after this one ended. Nice series, this season jigoku shoujo fill its place.
About a creepy old man who actually is the devil, destroying his clients' lives one at a time.

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Too real.
he ugly
>those heroes must not have been that tough if a c-lister could beat the villain in one punch!
>they all watched the heroes getting punched through the roof and shit
>they agree with this asshole

Do the OPM civilians come straight from the Marvel Universe?

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He goes, and now she's knows he'll never be afraid. Dee, dee dee dee dee dee.
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left or right?
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Did she deserve to live? What happened at the end?
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No. She should have died with the rest but the Priest had to be a faggot
She has every right to struggle and live. Humans have every right to try to kill her too though as long as she feeds on them.
Rights?? What, why??

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images (48).jpg
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>mc starts going to a battle highschool
>strongest girl there challanges him to a duel
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Name one anime that does this.

A ton of them. The generic first one or two battle harem episodes usually go exactly like that.
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>be me 3
>eating a cake
>vomit the cake
>cry to mommy

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which Gj would you bu?
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If your answer isn't "ANYONE" you're wrong.

But Kirara
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Megu's voice
Shion, no doubt

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