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How does one acquire a "waifu"?
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it comes to you naturally
You cuck another anon for their waifu
Is this the reeee girl?

First time watching a SOL show and i must say i really enjoy this. Kanna is a good daughter too
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>First time watching a SOL show
How do you manage to make yourself out to be such a faggot so quickly?
Ravioli Ravioli you know what i'm gonna fuck that dragon loli.
How new to anime are you?

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Why is Freezing such an amazing show?
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Because you're a horny, out of shape, socially inept virgin who can only find enjoyment through naked cartoon women.
>inb4 "stop projecting"
I fucking despise this show and the only people I've ever met that like it are genuinely pitiful people.
It's really not.

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I think this story could make great anime/hentai with a decent plot
Opinions /a/?
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once upon a time, some dude with fetishes for giantesses, femdom, humiliation, and vore created a tulpa.
at first he was hesitant about going all the way, but she forcibly convinced him. (which was part of his fetish set anyway)
they lived happily ever after in a perfectly healthy sub/dom relationship.


he talked about his experience on the internet.
he described their relationship in detail.
everyone thought it was totally gross. (which it was)
all the internet people told him that he was an idiot for making a tulpa.
he proved himself retarded by arguing on the internet.
eventually he left the internet and went back to living happily ever after.


all the internet people realized that a giantess dominatrix tulpa is possible.
they all panicked because they were too stupid to understand that the only reason she took the dominant role in the relationship is because BOTH of them wanted it that way.
Now give me a tldr for this too.

Instead of all the shounen or action live action adaptations, why don't we get a western live action Welcome to the NHK?

>easy to adapt and you don't need a big budget
>Burgers would relate more to Satou's plight than Japs nowadays, since hikikomoris aren't as big of a thing but look how many are NEETS are in 4chan alone
>would blow the hell up and be Scott Pilgrim with it's following
>seeing a live action western qt portray Misaki

what other anime would make for good western live action adaptations?
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>look how many are NEETS are in 4chan alone
Not very many, relatively speaking. This is a fringe community.
Hollywood is all about targeting as many people as possible. Going for unemployed losers as their prime audience is not in their interest.
>both the anime and novels are very unpopular in Japan and sold poorly there
>only popular among anime fans
>which isn't really that big of an industry in America anyway
You don't have to be a literal NEET to relate to Satou, although there are a lot of unemployed people out there, I could see people unsatisfied with their soul crushing 9-5 or underachievers relating to Satou. That's not even getting into snowflake tumblrinas who would claim being hypochondriac that would insert themselves in as Satou.

Didn't realize that unpopular in Japan, thought it at least had a cult following. But either way, that's why I suggested a western version. Whatever the reason that caused it to fail in Japan, doesn't mean it'd fail here. Even if it does, it'd be very inexpensive and budget friendly to make compared to making a live action move/show of just about any anime.

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Where is the new episode, did it get delayed?
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First for Yayoi and her girlfriends
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Apparently no episode this week.
No Cheer Fruits episode either.
Fuck this week.

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What is the most beautiful anime you've ever seen?
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Sleeping With Hinako
Gundam SEED

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Can Ishtar compete with blondes?
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Stop trying to make Grand Order threads.
>Grand Order
There isn't even anything to talk about that, why would I?
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She can't even compete with purple-haired girls.

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I've finally come to the conclusion that I owe it to myself to read Oyasumi Punpun. What's the best way of going about this? Is the Hox Scanlations release good? Or should I look for a download of the officially licensed Viz Media version?

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>What's the best way of going about this?
First book to last book, skipping only volumes divisible by 5. Try to maintain a right-to-left reading habit, except for text, which should be consumed in a more traditional left-to-right orientation.
Keep your head stable as you move only the eyes to follow the story from one side of the page to the other.

I recommend salted peanuts and green tea as sides. But others swear on doughnuts and hot chocolate. I haven't experimented much with those condiments, but they sound like a pain to keep available.
I'm obviously wondering which release/translation is the best, smartass.
Why don't you look at them both and compare instead of asking the internet to spoonfeed you opinions? In the five minutes since this thread was made you could have done this yourself.

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Is this the Metal Gear Solid of anime?
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No, it's the Madoka of anime.
What is the Evangelion of anime?
It's the Pacific Rim of anime

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You forgot Kokona-chan's birthday, didn't you anon?
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I honestly thought she was too poor to have a birthday of her own.
I'll make her give birth, if you know what I mean.
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I'd buy her a new pair of shoes, a walking stick, a new bag, everything she needs. Why can't I have a Kokona?

So how about that what a good reason to go back to the future and in such a logical way.

At least it was funny
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But going to the future doesn't create a new time-line. Only going to the past does.
Missed opportunity. 8 really wanted Trunks to stay. Would've been a great member for the tournament of power.
This, it's not like they're going to ever use Kid Trunks for anything at the moment anyway, so there won't be any character overlap at all.

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How do you calm her down?
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Take out a needle and pop those cheeks.
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Fuck her ass to make her less calm

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daily reminder that Umaru is getting a 2nd season in 8 weeks.
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loca loca loca
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Can't wait.

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