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Today's her birthday: say something nice about her.
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She is crab
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Presents inbound.
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Aoba Kai Ni confirmed.

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Why did last thread get deleted ?
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Reminder we need to take a break from this general, hardly any good discussion is happening and all we're doing is shitposting to keep it from dying.

These threads would really benefit from a 1-3 day temporary break.

It's the day you've all been looking forward to. It's time to choose the new data processing club president.

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I choose stability. Yukari has prooved herself as a confident and independent leader.
Yukari mama


I love Holo/Horo/Korbo
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What about some love for our little cross-breed.

Did they fug?
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l hope because they're getting a bit too old to be virgins
I hope so. They're one otp that need to fuck badly.
get out

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I can't wait for Yu'Shawn to be carded.
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If you hate Arc-V so much why do you keep making threads?
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I like Arc-V. You're confusing me with the other anon.
Because we don't hate it. Stop asking this every time we make a new thread.

Which show has the greatest shitstorm in /a/ history ?
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Endless Eight. Nothing else will come close. Ever.
The Mx0 OVA, I think.
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I like this thread more than the other one.
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What does Papika wish for?
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Her own Cockona
JC really can't be beat.
Crippling depression.

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Why is a head allowed to be so lewd?
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lala is lewd chuuni
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Since most of the cute went to snek there had to be something to give her

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How the fuck Vegeta and Trunks were struggling while using their Galick Guns at Zamasu's death ball, but after Vegeta got hit by the lightning, Goku's Kamehameha is doing better pushing the death ball than 2 Galick Guns?
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He's Goku
Still waiting on that one faggot from the previous thread to post his proof that Potara fusion>Fusion Dance.

Where you at, bitch?
My guess is that the Father-Son Galick Gun weakened Zamasu's defenses. On the other hand, it may just be another case of Goku doing what he does.

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fangasming albedo.jpg
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Just finished the series, something about this anime is so intriguing to me.

Anyone else like Overlord?
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in order to spare you further despair, I advice you to read the light novel
the setting is just really entertaining.

it's also not about a teenager which is always a plus.
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Kappas are a severly underappreciated creature of Senshado folklore.

Don't forget to report and ignore latecomers.
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Thank you Kappas, for keeping order!
fuck off circlejerk
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The next render will be the 400th one, I wanna do something a little special.

Anyone have any good Ooarai/Ankou Group pictures I could do as one big render? I'll be looking myself but I'd like some thread input too!

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Chitose is sad. Say something.
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my dick is ready for the beach episode
I... I wrote a song for Chitose.

You fucking bitch
You sucking dick
Your main dish
Your ass on the mic

Your twitter is trash
Your brother's a cuck
Your voice I'll smash
Your pussy I'll fuck

You'll never succeed
You'll always be poor
Your babies won't feed
You'll fall through the floor

Kill yourself, don't show your face
Unless you mature
Unless you become an ace

Signed: the quiet girl who's always nervous but somehow has a semi big rack that's probably a bit saggy but not too much and I bet she has greasy skin

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