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I'm watching...
/tv/ please

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Under rated girls
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One of my biggest "fuck you, I liked it"s.
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Wrong Pic, but I Agree.
Definitly best girl.
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>tfw you will never pick up spatial trash
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Any 3 dimensional object is "spatial".
But disregarding that, collecting space trash by hand is a fucking retarded idea, and it's never going to happen outside of "oh, I just dropped that screw, better pick it up before it drifts away".
I picked up a copy of Aldnoah Zero at Best Buy the other day

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Whatever happened to pic related? There haven't been any updates in months and it doesn't look like the raws are coming out either. Did it get the axe?
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Yes, it actually did get axed just recently, but the english scanlation is still a lot of chapters behind as the group dropped it.
It is apparently finished, there was a thread a little while ago about its ending. Probably axed.
The manga industries ax is stronger than any drama truck it seems.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'll never like it. Please stay here forever.
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I am the fin of my fish.

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How did this jobber catch up to Goku?
How did Gohan had such a massive power down and gone from being the strongest fighter to getting cucked by based form frieza in 4 years?
Why Goten(13) and Trunks(14) are not growing up?
Why Goku can't literally rape anyone he wants with ssj blue kaioken 10?
How future Trunks went from getting cucked by based black to beating the potara fusion of black and zamasu?
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>based black
Even if you hate super, everyone can't help but love Black don't they?
I miss him so much.
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Yes, I miss Black.
We all do anon, we all do.

Best episode so far, I guess the other 4 people here who watch this show will agree.
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Fighto, boss!
Who even watch this? Who was this made for?
I can't believe boss fucking died.

It's made for children. I don't know about OP but I'm mostly watching for the nice-looking shots.

9/10 people can't tell the difference between these two tanuki!
Can you?
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well i want to fug right, left not so much.
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One is shirtless

Has there ever been a more disgusting character in an anime?
I gagged multiple times at her sweaty gross ass.
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I agree, but for some reason /a/ thinks she's hot.
stop sweating over pictures and stuffing them in your fucking mouth then.
Surely mommy issues couldn't be the culprit

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So Trunks and Mai are gonna be living a lie for the rest of their lives now
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is Bulma alive in that timeline?
Yes. It's a timeline where Zamasu never ran rampant
I bet Trunks and Mai would understand. The two Trunks could train together and protect Earth should anything come their way.

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You know the drill
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#3 softball
>You know the drill

Well, I would drill her ass.

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This absolute madman is single-handy responsible for childhood friends ending up together. Why aren't you praising him?
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Because he's still a shit tier main character.
He's not childhood friends with Orihime though.

Better than
Hes the only main character I know that never had a consistent goal or anything throughout the series, He could not possibly have any less development or characterization. Kubo truly is one of the worst writers in manga history

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Are flat girls attractive to you?
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Absolutely. Flat is the best.
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No. I'm not a pedophile
Cute butt.

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Who are some of your favorite female mangaka, do they also do lewd?

I'll start with kitakawa touta
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>kitakawa touta
>176 cm
Taller than your manlet ass.

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Is this anyone else's pet peeve in subbed anime?

>someone's talking
>next line ends with a '-'
>finish reading before they finish talking
>know they're about to be interrupted or something surprising is going to happen before it does
>surprise ruined

I know it's actually the grammatically correct way to do it, but I feel like it would preserve some level of surprise. What do you think? Pic related she's about to get cut off.
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Yes, and this is why I only watch English dubbed animes
Hmm, I wasn't aware I was annoyed by this, but turns out I am. Thanks for ruining dashes for me, anon.
I dont mind since its been like this for so long now.

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