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gantz ending.png
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ITT god tier openings/endings

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I can't hear this without crying, if only the anime would have been just as good.

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makai no.jpg
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We have One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho, will Makai no Ossan ever get animated?
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Never ever

Might be adapted through shorts like Saiki or Bana
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>ONE's best work
>even less popular than mp100 was

hitomi-chan animated never

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This girl is about to cast a spell on you
how do you react?
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>3.8 MB
>that quality
poor Chinatsu
does she have a penis?
puffy vulva

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What will you be watching?
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LWA I guess
Finally a good season. I'll be watching everything that isn't fujo/otome shit
Kono2ba, Akiba Strip, KWA, Grand Order, and Galko

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And so, the cycle of hatred ends.
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Having your hero persona defeat your villain persona is pretty clever.
And like that one of the most repetitive easy to predict comes to a shitty ending where everything resets because all the important characters died long ago...

Why did Shinji choke Asuka?
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Who wouldn't?
Any sane human bean
Could Shinji survive the Black Mesa incident?

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90s anime.png
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What the fuck happened?
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lol haha
Those are from the same show. Same episode, even.
Responding seriously to a joke thread, over time artists got better and better at making designs more sexually appealing. Noses for example are unattractive so modern anime makes them smaller.

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What does /a/ think of Tomoko? Is she an asshole, is she just a introverted mess that hasn't been exposed to the world or what?

Also I recently bought a new PC, does anyone have the manga online where it's getting an english translation? Last I read was when they were on their summer trip.
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She isn't cute in 2d nor would she be cute in 3d. She is a cunt with a rather high opinion of herself that is far different from actuality. She barely has any redeeming qualities and if it wasn't for the hentai and fanart, this bitch wouldn't have any threads.

/a/ likes her because they can relate to her and hope to the gods that they can find a girl like her in their bleek meaningless lives.
>Is she an asshole, is she just a introverted mess that hasn't been exposed to the world or what?
She's still my waifu
same desu

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funny taiga.png
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Anyone else been disappointed with the last few seasons of anime? Seems like there's only been a few good ones the last few seasons.
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the nipnongs are starving us on purpose

smartass little shits, don't they know that if it weren't for us they would be making a boatload of cash
Careful. Say something like that and a bunch of contrarian, elitist anons are gonna come rushing out.

>Anon, what are you talking about, there's been a huge variety of good anime this year. Best in a while. O;9, Keijo!!!, Izetta.

Kill yourselves, they're garbage.
Luluco was good.

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Ship girls are so cute
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Is the anime watchable, if you haven't played the game?
Is this yuri?
Yes. Despite people hating on it pretty bad, I didn't find it terrible. But then again, I can stomach most anime.

Why didn't she like Snail?
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You'd be mad too if you got cockblocked by a ghost.
She wanted to confess to a pedophile but he was too busy playing with an imaginary little girl.
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Proof or it didn't happen

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ne ne, junon boy! my dad is an alcoholic deadbeat
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For reals?
Yes, read the newest chapter. Her father works on a freighter and comes to the island once a year. He drops off a toy for her without her even seeing him.
All the cute girls have deadbeat dads
It's not clear why this is the case

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>Still liking Mugi
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1MB, 400x348px

I don't like her. I love her. In fact, she's my beautiful wife!
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Yui is better
File: 1338605140092.jpg (13KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>still bullying K-Ons

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2016 AOTY
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Is that Light?
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Sort of.
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91 days quality.jpg
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No, that's a pineapple.

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cant wake up.jpg
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What was his name again?
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Tadeo Barbosa.
Tata Banana
Guillotine Gorilla.

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