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Mikasa or Rico?
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She a cute.jpg
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Rico all the way.

Stupid sexy Rico, what is it that makes her so perfect?
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Her personality, hair style and sexy face.

>I'm the kind of guy who doesn't sleep with the same women twice

What did he mean by this?
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he means once they see his small dick they lose interest in him
It's a metaphora about him being a homu
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He knows that identity is not an static and permanent state but, instead, a constantly changing stream.
No man ever steps in the same river twice
No woman ever sleeps with the same man either.

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1MB, 1678x918px
Childhood traumatic events left a deep seated impression in her mind that guided her actions subconsciously. Abrasive, abusive and assailing, with everyone she meets in order to elicit the response she wants. Finally, she focuses on just Shinji and tried to telegraph her desire by holding his nose closed, and is driven savage by the rebuke.

Finally, at the very end she gets what she wanted the whole time, to feel strong hands around her neck that she hadn't felt since her mother first did it. She didn't know it herself, and was shocked by the feeling running through her, which leads to the finale, where she finally caresses Shinji for making her realize her fetish.
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Is this the new Lain autism meme?
Bra-fucking-vo. Did not expect/10.

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Does Tsukihime deserve another chance?
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I'm not sure found the rumours about them making an anime a bit fishy.
But it is getting one, the remake is coming any minute now.
Aaaaaaaaaaaany minute now.
Nope. The universe is pretty cool but doesn't mix well with the ambience they went for (high school adventure drama) and the execution was pretty bad. Too little story and too many female leads.

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If Kusakai doesn't read h-manga then she gets too frustrated and can't train with all of the cute swimsuit girls arousing her at her school.

Keijo thread?
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still no PV for episode 8 :(
File: img000008.png (318KB, 768x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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rare footage of Mio actually angry

We are only allowed to do adult things in this thread.
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OP said adult, not completely irredimable things.
So, how are everybody's 401Ks coming along? I'm very happy with how my nest egg is developing, but I'm worried about what the rising cost of health insurance is going to mean for my retirement plans.

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Mari... had a hard life.
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fuck off already circlejerk

Why does Muse support Baron Ashura and Dr. Hell? How will Kouji get out of this one?
I've wasted over 10

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ITT: Post your favorite OP
Starting off with a classic
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meme pong.jpg
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>It looks like shit on purpose, that means it's good!
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It looks good.
It's not our fault your dumb and stoopid.
i fugged ur mom to be honest
What makes it look like shit? The rugged lines? Looks good to me. It's just another visual style.

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New scans when. I need my Takafudou.
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File: 디-프래그-87-11.jpg (273KB, 751x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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She should be the next to move in.
>It's a every girl is best girl series

There's only one Funabori.

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become meguca
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sign contract
make contract, become magical bitch

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2007 vs. 2016.jpg
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If anime fans of 2007 could have looked a decade into the future and seen what anime girls of 2016 would be like, I'm sure they would all be heartbroken.
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Heartbroken because they'd have to wait almost ten years for this perfection.
>If anime fans of 2007 could have looked a decade into the future
They would have had trouble preloading all those 500 MB files that we have to deal with nowadays.
They would download horriblesubs at 480p and watch anime before it gets made and thus become the ultimate hipsters.
Damn, is that myself;yourself? Haven't seen that one in years.

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How do you like your witches?
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pale and sleepy looking
Tall with glasses

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If anime is such a small niche over in Japan and people barely watch it, then why does anime continue to get made?

Is there a single anime that's been released in the past decade that has had a serious impact on the country? Sort've like how super heroes and Star Wars have affected America.

Why does /a/ abuse the spoiler tag so much?

Am I asking too many questions for one post?
Post characters making this pose.
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merch sales
Nowadays, anime is complete fucking otaku pandering garbage, there's nothing interesting, everything is but a fucking rehash with CGDCT or gay ass shit, all made to sell figs, dakumakuras and other useless trash, this is why it's still made, while still being a dead rotten corpse with vultures feasting on it.
This, there is some good stuff that comes out once every 7 years or so though

Post your favorite character design /a/
It looks better in motion.
guts design is also pretty bad and overdesigned
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Overdesigne, in my opinion.I like the pants and cape though.
Looks cool
The overall design has a nice flow but he has belts-syndrome; too many items that don't look like they do anything
>Belt on a onesie
>If it isn't a onesie, the pants are still clearly held up underneath the shirt so why the belt?
>The club armband
>The pink tassles
>The rings on his shoulders
>The tassles on his pantlegs

None of them seem to present any kind of function, they're just for looks which on a fighter (this is from a fighter right?) I think comes off as more excessive than even someone doing it for fashion's sake.

Honestly I don't dislike it though, he still looks cool.

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