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Why do Vampires need breasts? Its not like they drink milk right?
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They're bloodbags.
They are funbags
Most vampires were human at one point.

Is he right?

Sasuke vs Killer Bee is better, though.
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Unironically yes
Watching that fight made me remember the good parts of the show so yes I think it's a pretty good fight scene.
Sadly it landed too late and on a big piece of shit that was the show for so long.
Rock Lee vs Gaara is based

Come anon, let's go have a nice sit!
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How about you sit on my face instead?
This, tbqh. I want the Yuyus to smother my nose with their buttholes.

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Who was the best girl here?
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Hotaru. Not even a question. I want to fuck her so much. I can't believe people think Sakura Kinomoto is the sexiest loli when Hotaru Ichijou exists.
Hotaru was best girl for being the most homosexual, but Komari was the sexiest.

There are rumours that after the intro part in the first episode it focuses on Orange who explains via flashbacks what happened after Lelouch "died". Apparently someone unknown "shared Geass with the world". Whatever that means.
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gay, but not unexpected
Well where did these rumors originate? Where did you hear them from? You gotta elaborate a bit before discussion can spark.
There are rumours that after the intro part in the first episode it focuses on Xing-Ke and his lovely home live with his his cute wife.

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Magical Pokaan thread.

We all know Liru is the best character in the series but don't be shy posting the rest.

New honey select character released last night of Liru.

New DLC by Seismic coming soon.
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Liru was the best Pokaan girl, but I liked Uma quite a bit too. I've always had a thing for those absolutely baka-genki girls.
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Pachira was two for me. Uma was tied with Keime next than Aiko.
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I watched this until the end of the yorkshin arc and this is basically what I got:

>slowest pacing I ever saw
>almost no action(expecting to see action in a battle shounen is not a unrealistic expectation, so fuck you who says it's all about the story)
>the few fights are all about someone curb stomping a enemy way weaker than him
>too much infodumping dialogue
>gay innuendo everywhere

So, I basically failed to see what this series have that makes it the magnum opus of the battle shounen genre, even if it becomes a masterpiece later, there's no excuse for the series be this fucking boring in the 60º episode mark. The feeling I have is that all the hiatuses are the reason that people don't get tired of the manga, unlike most of the other long-running series.
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>gay innuendo everywhere
I mean not really. In the little post-episode Hunterpedia things the animators did see fit to go full fujo, but throughout the rest of the show it isn't very gay. Hell the Chimera Ant arc is the gayest and you didn't even get there.
>watching the anime
There's your problem.
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The manga is better even with the shitty art?

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Better than S;G. Maho tied for best girl.

Wish I was as strong as Salieri.
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Unfortunately it's almost impossible to hold a sg0 thread on /a/ lately, my guess is that people either played it in nip a year ago and discussed it to death, or don't have a console/don't give a fuck.

I'm only 5/6 so far, on my way to the true end, but it's been great so far. I love the extra development of Daru/Suzu/Moeka and the whole rival/friend relationship of Kurisu and Maho.

If I were to nitpick a flaw, it would be Maho/Kagari/Mayuri end - those are fine in itself, but they basically boil down to "Suzu and X travel back in time to slap Okabe, but they won't change the past anyway since the Operation Skuld D-mail is yet to be made", so that's a bit disappointing.

Also, the re-awakening is one of the best scenes ever directed in the VN industry.

Re-awakening of Hououin Kyouma, at the end of The Promised Rinascimento.

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Somebody's doing the raping.
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Isn't this that [email protected] ripoff show?
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here is a picture of the suspect.

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So is Miya 'Route' just an alternate telling of Stalker-chan's Route or does she actually receive Oniichan-coq?
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The first one. Yandere always wins. ALWAYS.
Yandere vs. Imouto seems to be an emergent theme in recent years.
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>even her imouto's not getting any, at least for the first season
She must be cursed or something.

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So apparently I had nothing better to do with my time today then reading the entierty of the Nausicaä manga.
I liked it very much and will hold it dear, but I'm kinda left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I think it became just too much. All the telepathy, intelligent fungi and nihilism talk just made it seems that the story lost tough with itself. Or maybe just with me.
Anyway I came here to ask you if anyone felt the same and if not maybe enlighten me why i'm compleatly wrong and a faggot.
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I don't think it was too much overall. Some parts i didn't like either (the nihilism and the ghost and the dream sequences with the jungle blonde kid).

But the military shit was amazing. The chocobo charges, the castle siege, the golas, the emperor's brother were all cool. And Kurotowa and Kushana were far better than their anime counterparts.

It does get too preachy at tims toh
Of course that's out of question.
It was also nice to see how that imperial elite soldiers got portrait.
The battle scenes were really good. But then again, a lot of the scenes I ended up liking (the escape from the fungus on the air ship, the fortress battle, when Nausicaa and the boy get trapped in the sea of corruption for the first time, etc.) came from the manga's first half I realized.

I kind of agree with OP a bit. While from a sheer artistic and illustrative standpoint, the Nausicaa manga is one of my favorites, in terms of story, i feel it got lost in it's own themes and (or more the exploration of those themes, as many of the "messages" of the story seem to get forgotten as a new "message" comes around to take up page time). Many of the concepts are cool, and you can tell Miyazaki loved showing us and exploring every inch of the setting, but i was burnt out by the time we got to like the second or third natural climax, only for the story to continue on for another 200 pages.

The final climax serves really well... for the 200 pages that came before it, but not for the 5 1/2 books which came before that. Not every story or place or character in the setting really work together to make a grand narrative, so much as they work in creating 3 or 4 medium sized narratives that are strung together by their connection to our main protagonist.

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Could Tatsumi have fucked the evil out of Esdeath?
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He could've and used her regular dickens to subtley and slowly to convert Esdeath to defeating the empire or at least displacing Honest and the Emperor while proclaiming herself as Empress while making Tatsumi emperor and convincing her a way to continue fighting would be fighting against the other countries already they are at war with while dealing with all the cell groups that would've formed between Honest's remnants at least that's what I would've done.
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>Could Tatsumi have fucked the evil out of Esdeath?
Doubtful. But no reason he couldn't have turned her against the empire.
No. He can't make her less shit either.

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Why aren't you a foreign animator in Japan?

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If I wanted to be a slave I'd be working at McDonald's.
Because animators are the bottom of the barrel.
>wanting to work in a chinese cartoon sweatshop for the sake of entertaining fat neckbeards and closet pedophiles
Sign me up!

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So.... this is shojo....
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So this is shoujo manga... not bad
So... reverse harem? Not surprised. This is the lowest common denominator type stuff no matter the target demographic.

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How do you feel about medium-sized boobs?
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If you're a girl with normal boobs I'd like to give you a hand.
Small or big is superior.
They should be flat

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