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So Studio Trigger is making the animated opening for Indivisible, does that make it /a/ now?

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Not Indivisible, but you should be able to talk about Triggers work.
I don't even know what an Indivisible is.
>does that make it /a/ now?
No. They also animated Ninja Turtles and some other cartoon OPs, plus some parts for Fire Emblem's new game. They're not /a/ either.

Waiting for LWA TV

She deserved to die a horrible death.
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YOU deserve to die a horrible death.
But she doesn't
T-they are going to revive her in S3?

Why is Nodamiki best girl in G.A
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Because Volume 7 is gonna publish soon!
That's a very unique way to misspell Miyabi
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro anime when?

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>open door
>see this
What do?
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*catches her with my dick*
Sidestep and hug Yui instead.
Exit apple store

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ITT: anime you'll never watch
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Ok, I'll bite. Why would you never watch K-On?
I second this, tell us why anon?
Everytime I go to the comic shop I see a stack of of k-on comics...I think only 4chan really bought them

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just like this
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and who's gonna make me?
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Was this an Eva reference?
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What's up with Evafags and Jojomos thinking everything is a reference?
Is this a jojo reference?
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eva reference??

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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Koutetsujou no Kabaneri was the best anime released in 2016?
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Kill yourself.
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More like disappointment of 2016.
Yea next to mob psycho.

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I love Emilia
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>Shit character
>From shit anime

Poor Rem she just can't stop getting cucked.
who is this hayato?

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>anime has school setting
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>anime has western fanart
>anime has school setting

Then ask this:
What is the point here based on the summary?
If there is some value to be dained, it will be good (hibike euphonium for example)
Otherwise it's probably garbage (k-on and the like)
>anime after 2008

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No. Please. Not like this.
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Don't worry, it's just bullshit and she comes back at will thanks to the loltimetravel retardation.
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>i know
File: DEAHT.jpg (28KB, 626x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I know

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>Naruto over
>Bleach over
>Toriko over
>HxH Togashi locked up in mental asylum, doc said ever day he's further from reality
>Seven Deadly Sins Suzuki in hospital maybe never getting out
>Berserk Miura on hiatus again, maybe forever this time

I guess that's it for shonen.

I guess that's it for everything.
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Still have One Piece
We'll always have One Piece

Oda might just die.
Jojo is seinen now but it still counts right?

Is there anyone else here who refuses to fap to certain characters because you respect that girl so much you don't want to defile them?
Pic related.
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That sounds pretty gay.
Not like there's any good porn of her or the series as whole.
Yes, several.

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What the fuck is happening to this manga. It seems like it's getting worse in every way.

>art is getting even more simple
>story seems to be progressing randomly
>dialogue has devolved to characters shouting single words at each other
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Letting Aladdin grow was a mistake.
>Those amazing shota feet
Teen Aladdin was a mistake.
While I'm tempted to agree, seeing him as an older badass wizard doing the strength magic shit against the bad guys was fucking cool. The character growth/progression was also nice.

DESU tho, it probably did mark the point where it started going downhill. Stopped being a grand adventure and turned into the shenanigans it is now.

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Thoughts on Comic LO?
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Best thing ever made
Kairakuten is better goy.
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i vastly prefer Comic OL

this is now an office lady thread, post some cute office ladies

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