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Am I the only one who hopes he gets what's coming to him this time and dies like a bitch?
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>Am I the only one who hopes he gets what's coming to him this time
I agree with this, he should live happily with his sister, C.C. and Kallen
Am I the only one who hopes OP gets what's coming to him and dies like a bitch?
If anything Suzaku needs to finally die after being such a massive fag throughout R2

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is this even /a/ core?
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moot's favorite animu
wait is it really?

God damn I want to kill this bitch
Was that the intention? To make such an annoying autistic character?
Do people like this actually exist? I have seen plenty of social awkward people but never like this, her actions makes me want to gas her, why is Yuu even friends with this garbage character?
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She's a caricature of social retard shut-ins who hyper obsess over their waifus and shit.

Replace the gender with a dude and you'd have half of /a/.
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That's a pretty conservative estimate, don't you think?

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It's time for some motherfucking Angel Beast, so go get something warm to drink and enjoy the ride with fellow anons. I'll be dumping 3 chapters that I feel can be enjoyed without further knowledge of the "series".

As always, don't mind the author's poor English and remember this has no relation whatsoever with "Angel Beats!"
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did someone from devianta draw this? looks terrible
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Grand Order PV

It looks pretty okay but we should have gotten Female Shirou.
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Fate is dead. Its' gonna be shit
I'm hyped.
looks like shit senpai

still can be better than Unlimited Miura Works

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Sena is best girl.
Prove me wrong. Pro tip:
you can't
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Yozora exists.
Shit girl from a shit show.

Shittier girl from the same shit show. Sena was a dumb wish fulfillment character, but Yozora was an annoying cunt. I would put them both in a gas chamber.

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You didn't learn anything from Kaiji.
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I learned that you should never use a pachinko machine.
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I learn pythagoras theory.
I learned that it's all about preparation.

Yoichi is the confirmed best girl of 2016. What say you, /a/?
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I agree
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Official /a/ GOTY chart for reference.
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If not the best, then definitely at least one of them. He's just too perfect.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

18 days!

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post feels you were not prepared for.
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Ushio a perf.png
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Came here to post this. I knew something was coming and then "first thing from Papa" happened.

Also Your Lie in April, when the Lie in April was revealed.

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Hayate no Gotoku early scan

What am I thinking? Edition
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>first volume is being released today
>predicted sales are around 1k
What went so wrong?

>***,350位/***,348位 (***,504 pt) [*,**5予約] 2016/12/07 オカルティック・ナイン 1(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
>**1,029位/**1,010位 ○ (***,378 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/12/07 オカルティック・ナイン 1(完全生産限定版) [DVD]
>**3,790位/**3,732位 (***,138 pt) [*,**6予約] 2016/12/07 【Amazon.co.jp限定】オカルティック・ナイン 1 (全巻購入特典:「複製原画ポートレートセット」引換シリアルコード付)(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
>101,685位/101,602位 ○ (***,*45 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/12/07 【Amazon.co.jp限定】オカルティック・ナイン 1 (全巻購入特典:「複製原画ポートレートセット」引換シリアルコード付)(完全生産限定版) [DVD]
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Her tits were too big
it's a hidden gem
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occult nine cute fbi.jpg
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FBI was too flat

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I just spent the entire day watching this series and HOLY SHIT does it get fucking INSANE.

The first episode is some clickbait shit, then it goes into an entirely normal medieval x anime setting, and only devolves back to NGE-style insanity near the end.

It seems like the movies are just retellings of what I already watched, and I haven't seen the second season yet.

Should I watch the second season and then look into the Mangas?
I'm pretty sure it's going to be completely different both thematically and story-wise, given the major events that unfolded.

So far, a solid 8/10. A bit slow pacing-wise, but some very interesting characters and classic animation.
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Congratulations, you just completely spoiled for yourself the best arc of one of the handsdown top 5 best manga ever written

lul way to ruin it for yourself
If this is for real, do yourself a favor and don't watch the new season.

Read the manga, you can watch the movies as well, but they don't add much. Take your time with the manga, don't rush through it or you'll catch up and wait for Miura to stop playing [email protected] forever.

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What do you think about Kashiwazaki Sena?
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She's my wife!
Shitty, recycled concept from that one retarded show with no plot designed to make pleb otaku trash shell out all their NEETbux.

Gotta keep the industry afloat somehow.

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Literally femanon the anime.
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For the love of Moot please do not bring the femanon meme here, I know too well the destruction it caused on /r9k/.
literally who
I have been in this hell since I was like 14, and fuck me, I just kept myself in this shithole for hours until I forced myself to sleep.

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