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What does Sakura stepping on the petal and bouncing off symbolize?
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Those are fuck-me boots
She's into femdom.

Why the anime industry always change the perfect tier hairstyles to shit tier versions?
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1. A woman changing her hair represents putting the past behind her. Even women in the west due this.
2. Short hair > long hair
3. You're wrong

Any more questions?
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1. I never said that this aplyes only to womans, we have bad hair changes in male too
2. I never said too that Long hair>Short hair
3. Fuck off, fking feminist

It's terribly narrowminded to suggest that one length of hair is better than the other given numerous factors.

There's nothing feminist about his post.

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What the fuck happened to Fate franchise?

Why they don't say anything about Nasu and only one sentence contains "Type-Moon" word?
Why they talk about anime?
Why they didn't even mention Visual Novel?

It's over guys. Sonyggers have complete control over Fate now and Nasu can't do anything about it.

It wasn't his fault that F/GO is such cancer, but it was guys from Aniplex all along.

Tamamo Tuesday thread
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It's just bloomberg being secondaries.
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That's some /v/-tier ironic baiting to get a thread going.
Who gives a shit
CCC translation patch when

Can we agree designs are not bad?

Also characters really grew on the Japanese public.
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Because they copy good character design from game duh.
Only shit character designs are Ash and team rocket, who aren't from the game.
The first Pokemon game where I want to fuck all the main human girls.

I'd hate fuck their mother

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So I'm on episode 23 now... Why don't they just use hermit purple to find out who the killer is?
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Because Jojo is written by a hack.

>Jojo is written by a hack

How true is this /a/??
Why didn't Jojo just stop time and kill him when he had the chance?

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s&m anime.jpg
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how come no one talks about the new pokemon animes? i didnt even know they still aired them
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Same reason why no one talks about ponies on /co/. There's a board dedicated to it
It's pretty dull.

Should have just let Ash win the League, and started fresh.
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We had many threads since last week about the Suiren episode.

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Time for dosage
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[Title is 'Stupid']
Noro Akimasa
Year 2 Class 1 Volleyball Club
A lively boy. A super lively boy. But yeah, a lively boy.
Himemiya Alice
Year 2 Class 7 Cooking club
A sort of strange girl. She loves Takase-kun too much and does some mischievous things.

There's been a girl from another class who has been peeking at me.

I don't know her, I haven't talked to her before.
But she's so looking at me.

She's so looking at me...!!
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After Takase-kun changed seats,
It became so much easier to see him.

What'll Alice do if Takase-kun faces her
And makes eye contact...

When that happen's...
We gonna get married soon...!!

Maybe spring has finally come for me
Well, the athletic festival was a huge event.

Ger face is quite cute.
And what's with her long hair?
And they're twintails...

I don't hate it!!

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Will it ever be topped?
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>FLCL is a masterpiece and the greatest anime of all time
>FLCL 2 will be a horrendous disaster, probably contender for one of the worst shows of all time
It's like poetry. God knows what FLCL 3 will be like.
If humanity manages to survive in XXI century, we may have a chance to see something comparable.

Why was Phantom World such a flop?
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Because you said so.
What do you remember from it?

That is your answer
It was a battle harem. They historically never top charts.

Josuke "Jojo" Higashikata

>Doesn't show attraction to girls
>Mostly hangs out with and goes to restaurants with a muscular guy who also doesn't show attraction to girls
>Buys expensive shoes
>Gets upset when people talks about his hair
>Stand (which represents one's soul) looks fruity as fuck
>Absent father
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>Itt: Headcanon gay characters, OP is a faggot edition
Prove Josuke Fagashikata isn't gay

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Which one?
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Girl! was the better video and better song even though it got much less attention.

It did a better job with building towards its message and themes rather than just vomiting heavy-handed symbolism in your face.

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Did anyone actually finish this show? how bad was it?
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Loved it.
Great mystery show even if it might be too slow for some people.
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I hardly remember the show, just that people were laughing at MAL in the threads.
The actual mystery was nice, and the heroine was cute.

Doesn't really matter though because so much of the series goes on and on about teenage angst meaning-of-life type shit. One of the few legitimate examples of truly pretentious anime in my opinion.

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tips trillby
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good taste except for fate shit
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That image was from 50 million years ago but I felt like posting it. Now I have GREAT taste and consider Carnival Phantasm the best part of the Fate series.
Looks like the sort of collection an MAL baby would have.

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>yfw R3 has CGI Mechs
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It can't be helped.
I'd lose all interest. CGI mech is cancer.
Akito had some pretty sweet ones though.

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Is there anything that this woman won't do?
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Let Araragi sleep with Nadeko.
Stuck up bitch probably won't do anal.

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