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Because I don't need a reason so fuck you

The greatest and long running manga of all time
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Good enough reason to make a thread about Berserk.
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Who was at the wrong?
Both, but mostly Griffith
>I'll just fuck the princess without a new sword because fuck logic
>I'll just leave to make my own path and life,
>oups! Turns out my path was always within the Band of the Hawk but now it's too late because Griffith is a walking corpse

At least, in a way, he's still part of the Hawks and will defeat the pretender Band of the Falcon.

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ITT: Characters no one on /a/ is allowed to like.
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I like her. Eriri will win.
But Eriri is best girl.
Eriri is an embodiment of shit

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That last novel left alot more questions than answers in my mind

I'm glad that Ainz is at the very least open to the idea of admitting he can make mistakes to his NPCs, but I'm confused by the interaction with Shalltear and Aura at the end of chapter 5- were they accepting his admission of mistake or was the conversation they had before making them think it was still all part of his plan? And is he actually going to give a shit about Albedo and Demiurge essentially being completely off base with his ideas for the Kingdom and the Empire's vassalage? Plus, what kind of completely illiterate moron doesn't know what 'vassalage' means, I found that a bit of a stretch that Ainz had no idea what it meant in vol 10.

Also, I'm worried for Enri. I feel like something bad is gonna befall her with the way the epilogue ended. Obviously Ainz isn't really dead but then why make a point of showing Lupisregina telling her?
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Need more Clem
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Also, is the Beholder Mage Girl fanfic worth a read through or is it crummy?

I'm almost positive she'll make a reappearance as a resurrected thing or another
Enri was the very first character we're introduced to in the LN, she'll be there at the end as well

Whether that's a good or a bad thing for her remains to be seen

My guess is that last line in the epilogue was planned around drawing out foes and Lupisregina just felt like telling Enri to fuck with her. Or to incite her to mobilize her forces.

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News about Heavens Feel will be in next Newtype magazine https://twitter.com/hikaruufo/status/807960871267799041/
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Fucking kill yourself.
2017 will be the year of Fate. I'm mostly excited for Fate: Last Encore than Heavens feel at this point, since we'll get to see Shaft get a shot at making a fate anime.
At least Shaft know how to draw instead of relying on shiny effects for everything.

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i miss moot
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I'll go first.gif
2MB, 444x250px

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Your parents want you to pick a spiderwaifu for Christmas. They're concerned with you still being a virgin at your age, and want hybrid babies in a few years to carry on the family name.
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Can we talk about anime and manga instead?

Describe your SOL romantic comedy with your particular spiderwaifu then.

Btw tarantula is best spiderwaifu.
Not allowed on the anime and manga board.

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I think it's time for us to discuss the birds and the bees.
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Bee a best.
Hard to choose
I go with bird, also Platinum Disco is better than Marshmallow Justice
Bird for rough love and jamming to her OP
Bee for cuddly shit and teasing
Parralel universe Math imouto for protecting

Reminder to get this version as it is not the shitty funi encode.
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So even the God in heaven thinks that they are the OTP?
The threads are dying way to fast.
Also OST when I need JUDGEMENT KNIGH OF soundtrack stat, the preview doesn't cut it for me anymore.

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How do you feel about this?
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Hairy pussies a shit. Shave or go home.

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i don't think anyone can't top this
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Agreed, Sasuke at his peak edge is on a league of his own.

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What if it sucks?
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describe me the possible ending that won't suck
>caring at all after shitfest of 3.33
you deserve everything.
Shinji wakes up in the hospital after the Zeruel fight, finding that everything in 3.0 was just a dream. The rest of the movie is based on the previews from 2.0, until near the end, where Shinji wakes up on the shore of the sea of LCL, where it's revealed that all of Rebuild is Shinji's dreams after the original series' Third Impact.

People think it's a spin-off. Opinions?
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Please no.
I guess they've run out of ideas and now are just gonna revive old franchises. Haruhi please.
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I hope Kotomi gets more focus.

she was my personal favourite girl.

>[HorribleSubs] Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 (Uncensored) - 11 [720p].mkv
In this episode, something cute.
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>No Rin

Good episode.
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>no Rin
>muh fetish

Bretty good episode

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Friendly reminder that Rustle is still slowly and painfully dying.
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Sounds like a normal cold. What a pussy.
Dont care, I never liked his work
Sounds like he'll hit the floor any minute

Bernkastel > Lambdadelta
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Explain the plot of Umineko in less that 10 words.
I want to deito Lucifer.

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