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>watch your creative medium be completely taken over by otakus and waifufags
>the actual substance of storytelling and compelling characters is replaced with lolicon waifufaggotry and "male" Kpop star protagonists
>get completely triggered when you get lumped in with this garbage
>realize the the industry will never change so long as otaku culture remains in japan
>Recent headline: Otaku NEET virgins are causing the population of japan to go into freefall, they just want to fap to waifus and play dating sims
>develop a strong hatred of younger people over time, since they are now all indoctrinated into this garbage via popular japanese culture
>become very vocal about how japanese people have lost their ability to wonder and dream, and dedicate the rest of your career to setting an example of what actual animation and storytelling is supposed to be
>some college students who idolize you invite you to see their new innovative project in animation
>go in with low expectations
>be shown them fucking around with the neural network and not producing anything worthwhile
>chew them out for wasting everyone's time
>"we want to teach a computer to draw like a human"
>be completely horrified at the fact that these kids want to mass-produce your art with computers
>assume they will program them to pander to waifufag otakus for that sweet, sweet yen profit
>realize you are staring into the abyss while these dipshit college students are wondering why you're being so mean
>storm the fuck out never looking back, and resume your mission to save animation
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What's the point of this thread?
Crush otaku. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their dakimakura.
That's why he and Anno are so close, I guess.

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Post anime characters
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>too broad to post
in a thumbnail, it looked like giant tits...

now i'm vastly disappointed after enlarging picture.
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Why was San Hai so much worse than the first two seasons? I know there was a studio change, but where the first two were very funny, San Hai is just straight up boring. It has long scenes where literally nothing happens, no jokes, just the characters talking casually and being helpful, and then the episode just ends. What the fuck? The difference is really jarring especially on rewatch.
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Do you have ADHD?
Doga Kobo went for the meta-comedy approach, the new studio played it straight as a SoL yuribait. San Hai and the OVA(s) are a lot closer to the manga than the first two seasons
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>complains about scenes where nothing happens
Not sure if SoL is the right genre for you, OP

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Wait so pretty much everyone had some "real world" analogue. But who was Lambda?
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Witches are the readers.
Think about it, they're called Voyager Witches who can go into stories. That's basically a reader that can interact with a story.
The witches in the story however are not a real world analogue but an abstract concept to the setting itself.
Bernkastel represents the mystery fans wanting to solve the mystery on the island.
Beatrice represents every Beatrice in the story and the rules of the island.
Lambda represents causality and is the one responsible for setting up the gameboard and selecting the culprit. As she was in Higurashi.

Any other questions?
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Yes. Why is Lucifer the best furniture?
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But Dlanor is also considered furniture and therefore the best furniture has to be her.

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Things are winding down, but waifus are still to be drawn.
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Requesting Tamamo:
-Her and my SI doing cute Christmas things, or maybe her enjoying the snow? Cute/cutelewd/ecchi is fine. SI reference is in the imgur link below.
-Would love to see her building a snowman cuz snowmen are fucking badass.
-In a parka playing with a penguin, or a winter fox.
-Tamamo using her tail as a pillow with a daki cover of me on it something like this maybe: http://imgur.com/a/vzp9V
-Tamamo wearing Hanekawa's clothes and undressing (maybe with her hair down?) http://imgur.com/a/Yup06
-Tamamo as a slime girl.
-Dressed as the Wight from MGE http://imgur.com/a/Ynv9x?
-Or in her kitsune mask outfit. http://imgur.com/a/7WWhg
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Uni_Reference #2.jpg
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I'd like to request Uni. With her own "Goddess" appearance like her big sister's in 4 Goddess Online. Reloading a shotgun (for example, Remington 1100, Mossberg 500, Winchester Model 12) all the while in her normal outfit, a tactical uniform, or her 4GO outfit. Any action-y things like straight out of John Woo or such is also great.
I'll have >>150439229 , and her wearing an apron baking a cake, or walking through an Autumn- or Winter-cresten nature path in a thin-medium coat, as an alternative
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Requesting Haruhi giving the viewer this http://imgur.com/D7ZCDCE while saying "here you go, your lover's strap". Or using any winter attire you think suits her. Using any other waifu's hairstyle would be really nice as well.

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>Protagonist is a boke
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>Harem anime
>Protag is beta loser
>Protagonist is a foreigner with perfect Japanese accent
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>female character hits a male character because of a misunderstanding
>it's played for comedy

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What do you think of Meowmori Aoi?
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ovarrated slut
Best sex slave, wife and everything
shit girl from an even more shit show that wasn't even top 5 in the season it aired. disgusting trash

Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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minorin best
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Taiga is best.
-looks like a child
-napoleon complex
-upset because she is lazy and rich

+she's a woman

don't see the appeal.

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Why was Suzaku such a controversial character? Even back then, it surprised me that the fanbase despised him so such.
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he managed to be both lawful stupid and stupid good
His characterization was all over the place: i.e. he was poorly written, like a lot of things in Code Geass.
His was very idealistic and his ideals were retarded. This is a bad combination.

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If you were the MC of Re:Zero, how would you avoid Subaru's fuckups?
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I'd probably start by posting in the re:zero thread
that's not something you can do in the series
fuck emilia
fuck the clown
fuck the twins

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So who here is excited for DR2.5 starring best boy here?
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Juzo's not in it though
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Of course
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>she catch you sniffing her panties
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Anything for shiburin
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Why is she so scary?
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>"Gosh anon, dont embarrass me. You are so unfashionable and lame that it feels bad just to be in your presence"

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I don't get it, what was his appeal?
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There isn't anything appealing about a beta virgin

Gino Thundercock
>knows how to hit on girls
>has YUUUGE cock that can pleasure Kallen's tight pussy
>extremely attractive
>blonde blue eyed Aryan master race

>has tiny flaccid cock
>is a colossal faggot
>thin bitch
>looks like an anglo jew
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What's the easiest way to start an aargument on /a/?

>dubs are superior to subs
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CGI is better than drawn.
Rei or Asuka
>dubs are superior to subs
Like these ones?

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ドラゴンボール外伝 転生したらヤムチャだった件

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Shonen Jump Official
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Dragon Ball Extra: How I reincarnated as Yamcha

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