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Which type of Kyoanifag are you?
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Beautiful/Sexy with some Pretty and sometimes Cute
All of the above
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Which would you say best describes my wife Mugi?

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Finally got my own hands on the raws. Don't know where the usual thread was this month, but I'm here with the translations. Nice chapter, finally. This is the level that the manga needed t get back to, and hopefully stays at for a good while.


-Apologize to her!
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]
-Honoka! Wait!
-......This is........
-[His Master departs for the frontlines!?]
-So it's here after all. When I first saw that girl, I thought to myself,"That CAN'T be right", but...

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-[Together with his teacher, he traveled the world, and studied it.]
-[The long-awaited Volume 10 is now on sale!!]
-[Witch Craft Works]

-[Chapter 56: Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 6]

-[Mizunagi Ryuu]


>Every 'you will never' we've ever had with Kazane combined
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-::The kanji of the spell that Kayou casts is repel/reject::
-::The kanji of the spell that Kayou casts is pierce/stab::
-::Still stab::


I missed actual big flashy MAGIC being a part of the things we always got to see in this series. And new kinds at that. Kind of like rune magic, if moonrunes count.
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-I had intended for you to be greatly weakened, but...you still had energy left to spare, did you?
-That being said, it looks as if you were only able to manifest her a single time...
-..........Deepening your bloodline of flames by creating a false vessel like this...


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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Oh boy can't wait for that Naruto shitposter to spam his ugly fucking cinegrids.
Ok now post the F/Z one
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A lot. I'm a Shaftfag.

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Pendulum summoning is fucking broken and everyone in this show is a fucking cheater
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What's worse is all the fucking extra characters keep going "WOW 3 MONSTERS AT ONCE?!?" as if it's anything special in the current year.
Anything post 2004 is broken
No. Pre-2004 was a poorly-designed, luck-based broken mess. Post-2004 is pure degeneracy, mostly planned, and much more fun and challenging.

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>it's just another commercial for the first volume
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Let me know if they dig and I'll be back
Fuck that.
This manga gets me more excited than it should, maybe it's the combination of "tags" so to speak.

When is the new chapter supposed to come out?
In a week, apparently.
>次回更新日: 2016/12/19

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Less than a month away
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2 C O U R
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Alright, let's try to shake things up a little bit.

Judge people by the show that got them into anime. Pic related.
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Ccs was gud
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Read a bit of the manga growing up, never watched the anime
Never watched, is it any good?

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One page thread
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>blow up a building the size of a WTC in a city centre, middle of the work day
>no casualties
Why do they want me to drop the show?
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You should've dropped it already.
There's a reason the show's called Thank You, No Terror.
I like everything about the show except the things people say and do.
Also Yoko Kanno.

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So this is what C.C. stands for!
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No, this is what CC stands for
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I don't get it

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How does /a/ feel about katanagatari?
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It was pretty fucking great.
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Best girl
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Does your waifu practice kendo?
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My waifu prefers knives.
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She prefers martial arts instead, she knows a bit of Baji and JKD.
yes she does

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Just keep it anime-related lads
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Syaro is the best GochiUsa. THE BEST.
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Sharo is good, but Cocoa is the best.
I'd rather not look like Syaro
I am the best gochiusa

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