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you know the drill
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

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Are little mountains cuddling lewdly socially acceptable?
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Ask less, post moar.
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>he torrents anime
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>she wears short skirts on windy days
>he doesn't know how greentexting works

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Kumiko's feet.
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I want to feel them against my dick.
I want her to step on my face
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Expected a slice of life rom com.

Got a more serious in tone, romance story about furthering career goals with a few bits of comedy thrown in for good measure.

I am not disappointed.
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Aoyama is lovely.
I'm usually not that into Tsundere types but I can make an exception for this cutie.
like, shared and subscribed

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Are they seriously going to just get cockblocked like this forever? A relatively mature couple comfortable with each other and they stay virgins? Dropped.
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Well this settles it, I thought they might just do it right at the end of this chapter but no, nothing can possibly happen in this.
Even when all the girls tell him it's literally okay for him to slay Hime first, and Hime is telling him it's fine to have a harem, he pulls out some shit about how it won't be right until they are back in Japan.

Unless there's some other component--battle shonen or romcom--just ignore harems altogether. They either go on for years with nothing happening only for the characters you like to be ignored for a foregone conclusion, destroy any of the tension or wonder they built up by finally going harem route, or they get canceled.
It's confirmed he's just a chicken. Sure he only really wants Hime (romantically) but it is what it is.

>You will never be able to shove Ruru up your butt

How does that make you feel, /a/?
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Why would I want to shove such a beauty into my asshole?
>you will never shove yourself up Ruru's butt
I was promised more to life
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>Tfw you will never use her whole body to jerk off your dick

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Why did they never show her nipples?
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Who cares, post Ryuko
Nudity and sex was used as a gag first, fan service second.
Cause the west have shoved their crappy morality into my nippon drawings

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>Ishida needs to hand us some more Hsiao shots.

In other news, why are Naki and Tsukiyama seen with Kaneki? Wasn't the assigned team Kaneki, Kurona and Takizawa?
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Mutsuki in Suzuya's squad now soon to meet against Kaneki and his crew.

Hopefully this arc isn't as shit as the last one was.
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chinese tainmanin.jpg
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this was the saving grace of rue island

ITT: Anime forgotten in the sea of time
Pic very related
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Season two fucking when?
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Never. This month's raws are out, though. It's a Seo/Waka chapter.

Don't really keep up with the translation because I can read Japanese anyway, but is it still reasonably up-to-date?
Last chapter translated was 83, I think. So reasonably up to date.
Does the main relationship ever advance?

I don't get how no one has ever died on this show, in the entire history of using tanks with live ammunition, has nobody ever died? Bullets and tank bullets flying everywhere with people sticking their heads out of the tanks and not one person has accidentally been shot or pulverized by a tank? The fucking closes anyone ever came to dying was when that girl almost drowned in the tank at the beginning. I don't understand how a sport involving FUCKING TANKS can have a 0% death rate, lower than goddamn football.
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The inside of the tanks are coated in carbon. It's perfectly safe, anon
It's not real. Also Hana got a quite serious injury in the show.
It's just a cartoon m8

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ITT: Characters that were molested as children.
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"Wow Anon-san, your heartbeat got very fast. Are you alright?"
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I'm just uncertain you guys are really doctors is all.

Of course not. They're nurses.
Tareme vs Tsurime?

I prefer Mugi.

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I need to move this creature.
How can I do it safely?
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stop these gross memes that's a loli
With your dick.
With loud noises.

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