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Is this the first greatest plot twists in anime ever? (The second being Madoka's 3rd episode)
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>The second being Madoka's 3rd episode
Everyone saw that coming a mile away
if by greatest you mean most retarded then yes
It'll make more sense if it was not an accident.

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So /a/, which girl is your favourite?
And why???
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Chitose. She's bro-tier.
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Brat a best

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Can someone please explain to me how Jeremiah wasn't easily the strongest fighter in the Code Geass world?

Considering that Jeremiah was cybernetically enhanced at the neural level to the point where he'd be much more powerful that he was before and he was already a high rank fighter how could someone like Suzaku even come close to beating him when he was literally helped by an AI human interface?

That shouldn't even be possible, so what the fuck is going on here?
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Suzaku is the best, just the best.
Also, for the ones looking for consistency in Geass, you're watching the wrong show.
>for the ones looking for consistency in Geass, you're watching the wrong show.
I'm not looking for consistency, but I just feel like Code Geass did a horrible job at addressing the rising strength of AI in military and that kills the enjoyment of my would be favorite show.

At the very least I would have appreciated it if they let the AI assisted human be the best.
bumping for interest because I'm curious.

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Still waiting on someone to upload Ajin chapter 45 to anywhere. If this is your cue, fucking upload it already.
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No, seriously, it's not funny. The chapter's been out for 3+ days, and it's still not available. Knock it off. Somebody post it.
Any idea where the manga is in relation to the anime? Kind of want to start s2 over winter break when i get some time off
>anime doesn't have satou woodchipper himself
Was disappoint.

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Kissing her underboob implant scars.
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>luvia clone
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Fucking her tits.
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Really, they missed the opportunity to make a spin off of her.

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What does /a/ think of female Buu's?
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Really want to fuck.
Female buu is a qt.

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thanks anon
No thanks anon

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Tell me /a/, why is the tsukihime anime so good?
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Tsukihime got an anime adaptation?
The soundtrack?
Y-Yaranaika ?

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Make any anime not already harem into harem fighting anime.

Black Clover- Takes place in an exclusive sword/magic fighting school transfer student Asta manages to get in even though he has no natural talent. His one goal? To become student council president. He vies for the attention of his teacher, who of course, has no interest in him. Noelle and Mimosa , cousins, are in love with him.
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A boy falls in love with a girl

It's Kyousuke and he takes a more active role after being healed by Sayaka and gets to suffer too because he's a faggot
The guy already have like 4 or 5 girls lusting for his dick. We're not that far of a harem.

Put it into a high school and voila!

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Julis is rather cute, wouldn't you say?
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Julis a best!

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What race is Casca?
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Down's syndrome

hey Kid, want "some"?
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yes ma lady
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I would prefer if you patted me on the head, put your arm around me or hugged me. I want basic affection not chocolate.

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Making this list I realized I haven't seen a lot of anime I've really "loved", with 100+ shows completed.
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Literal fucking cancer OP. I can just tell you're in high school.
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stop saying Karen a shit
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is THIS a shit? I don't think so
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is THIS a shit? No it's no
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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What did you think of Shirobako?
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Where are their boyfriends?
Overrated SoL moeshit
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