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Do you still hate Aqours?
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I want to fuck You.
I want to impregnate You.
Nobody hates Aqours. They're just boring and unlikable. They don't have the wow factor that µ's had. Love Live should have ended with µ's, but money is money.

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There's your problem.
Ask mal, faggot.

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How does /a/ feel about Evangelion?
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/a/ has a love-hate relationship with Anno and Evangelion and both have been discussed to death here.
I feel that it's the only chinese cartoon that decisively stroke me or made an impact. Also that Tomino is a hack that should be dressed into a gimp suit, drowned in an oil drum filled with human blood, welded shut, and thrown into the Pacific Ocean.

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Not that this isn't cute, but why did they put them together in the ending?
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Sayako is for the loyalty.
Anya is just there to spend her time.
Anya suffered from geass fuckery all her life and Jeremiah erased it. She's probably more like a daughteru to him anyway.
She smells of Marianne.

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Masataka was one of the best chars; I like how he ended up taking the protagonist role after all. He manages to be cool and goofy as well. Inspiring.
Bob was cool and funny; I would feel bad for his gf being raped if he didn't cuck her afterwards
Bunshichi was a badass bro to be frank, a shame he was kinda useless.
Being an incestuous cuck isn't enough, Aya had to also be a filthy cougar slut. Still, I feel bad about her death. Which was forced and falsely dramatic btw
I still can't tell if I liked Soichiro as a character or not. Too many clichés to forgive, but he was kinda fun I guess.
Shin was edgy as fuck, but not intentionally so that's forgiven. He's like the unwanted retarded kid of the family, but it would cruel to get rid of him.
Mitsuomi was The Edge, though seeing him bitch slap some niggers was a relief on some occasions.
>not a slut
Soichiro's mom was the worst cuck in the story. Annoying an useless, fucking kys.
Aya is a sorry cuck, although not as much as Soichiro's mom. And she's kinda stupid and useless, also ? Dunno, what even is there to like about her ?
The only thing Sohaku did right in the entire manga was mutilate Makiko. Otherwise, he has shit taste in women and is an irredeemable pussy.
Too bad Kagesada didn't have enough screen time, he was a great character.
Isuzu's gimmick is fun at first, but then you realize how disgusting she is.

Ogure did a much better job with the characters in AG
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>Bob was cool and funny; I would feel bad for his gf being raped if he didn't cuck her afterwards
what are you even talking about
But there wasn't rape, she felt nothing and defeated his cock
Plus he came before even putting it in

You missed the explanation just 3 chapters later.
>Bunshichi was a badass bro to be frank, a shame he was kinda useless.
He's incredibly OP though, the only reason he appears useless is because he wants to live a peaceful life and he's willing to let Mitsuomi rule the school in his place.

Madoka is delicious as fuck.

Kagesada was originally meant to be a joke character but he ended up being surprisingly competent while still being funny. Kind of like Onigiri in Air Gear.

New episode is out.

Gorilla starts to slowly redeem herself, but pic related is still best girl.
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/a/ always has shit taste. Thus its easily in top 3 this season, but you faggots never talk about it.

Sayuri = Shiho >>>> Hana
>New episode is out.
Bud Light Subs came out a day earlier, yo
Was there a thread then?

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What will her and chinamans role be?
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Lolicon/loli pandering
Loli will have been married off to the main villain

Chinaman will be sent to the front lines where he will meet Rerouch
Isn't that role for Jeremiah and Anya?

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santa yui.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

13 days!

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I like Christmas
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Cant wait!

Weekly Shonen Magazine announced a movie for Seitokai
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Cum squid Tsuda jokes are the funniest
I hope is not a recap, I hate recap movies
there was already a thread

I'm going to make Akame an honest woman!
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I'm going to make ur mom an honest woman!
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why don't you make najenda an honest women first?
So, this guy deal is to make as many top waifu tier girls as he can?

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It's time.
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YOI makes this a good year
So there were two threads deleted yesterday. Or were there more? I went to bed in the middle of
Why can't mods just lurk for a week before they start deciding to delete shit? Jesus Christ.

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Who is the best grisaia? And why is it Julia
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Mitcher and Liquid are the best girl.
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I cna't fucking stand lemon, she's so annoying, uninteresting and distracting, I don't get why she's so popular.

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What do you think of Birdy?
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Really, what do you THINK about birdy?
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I wish a sexy alien would put me in her body.
Birdy is cool.

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>once again, the protagonist is offered a wonderful alternative to the troublesome love triangle he is stuck in
>once again, it's nothing more than a tease
Yukino is a basketcase. Yui would be good if she wasn't also part of this 'muh genuine' love triangle nonsense. Iroha is not only a great girl but would diffuse this entire issue. The club can all be friends and Hachiman can have his cute girlfriend and hopefully learn to enjoy life.
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Irohafags are cancer.
Iroha is the answer.
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What are the chances of her winning the 8bowl?

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Has this ever happened to you? Post pics. (Of your anime doppelgängers, not yourselves, you morons.)
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Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.
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