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>watch your creative medium be completely taken over by otakus and waifufags
>the actual substance of storytelling and compelling characters is replaced with lolicon waifufaggotry and "male" Kpop star protagonists
>get completely triggered when you get lumped in with this garbage
>realize the the industry will never change so long as otaku culture remains in japan
>Recent headline: Otaku NEET virgins are causing the population of japan to go into freefall, they just want to fap to waifus and play dating sims
>develop a strong hatred of younger people over time, since they are now all indoctrinated into this garbage via popular japanese culture
>become very vocal about how japanese people have lost their ability to wonder and dream, and dedicate the rest of your career to setting an example of what actual animation and storytelling is supposed to be
>some college students who idolize you invite you to see their new innovative project in animation
>go in with low expectations
>be shown them fucking around with the neural network and not producing anything worthwhile
>chew them out for wasting everyone's time
>"we want to teach a computer to draw like a human"
>be completely horrified at the fact that these kids want to mass-produce your art with computers
>assume they will program them to pander to waifufag otakus for that sweet, sweet yen profit
>realize you are staring into the abyss while these dipshit college students are wondering why you're being so mean
>storm the fuck out never looking back, and resume your mission to save animation
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He's going to die soon anyway so who cares
>So he posts on /a/ - the home of waifufag degeneracy and general sexual appeal obession
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>it's another little kid from a traditional japanese village stumbles upon an ancient magical place and must save everyone from a mystical beast episode

It's nearly Christmas. What are you going to be getting for Umaru?
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Chipsu and cola
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a sister-in-law

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Why does no one like her, she seems to be the purest and cutest girl out of the whole group?
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jav whore
fuck off already daily circlejerk
I want to attach a tube to her anus and then to my nose and inhale her farts.

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tom_cruise cunt.png
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What's your favorite episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt?
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Two bitches on the couch.
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The one where Stocking dates a fat fuck ghost.
I loved the use of Chocolat at the end there.
that whole sketch felt like something out of Invader Zim, plus the soundtrack was great in an emo eurobeat sorta way

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Is DIO the best villain ever?
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Not really
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a smug johan.jpg
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>best villain

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Daily reminder that if you're fat and ugly you're waifu would certainly reject you.
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Am I gonna make it, Gino?
>everyones waifu is a petty stacy normalfag
Nice meme. I'm skinny and not that bad looking myself, but I'd like to believe that with some weight loss, ugly anons could be loved by someone. And if you're waifu is the kind of girl who is a bully and has a shitty personality, you can still love her, so who's to say that she couldn't love you in all your flaws? Remember these are fictional characters who are not confined to the logic of 3DPD mean and women.
Maybe if you have a shallow waifu.

She's so cool, /a/. I think I'm in love.
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she's got shit taste in men. so yeah you're right on track
I like Michiko.
I also like Hatchin.

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Puberty is a wild ride
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Same thing happened to me.
It seems painful, is it?
Sometimes you fall down the puberty tree and hit every branch on the way down. Though I don't know of many extremes like that, it can happen.

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So I think it has been a week after release and still nothing? Goddamn.

Tenchi thread regardless.
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There is no hope anon. No hope.
Amazon says that it'll ship the BD internationally to most countries, including the U.S.

So what's stopping you if you want it?
There's a raw floating around somewhere, but I have no idea where.

We probably won't get subs until Funi gets the license.

this is your dragon for the evening
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looks kawaii desu
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heard she got them big anime tiddies
This will be Nichijou with some extra yuri. I approve as a life time KyoAni connoisseur.

What went wrong?
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You Spamming this thread
Introduction of literal quantifiable power levels
A1 did the anime

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the art is so familiar
Yeah looks like Dagashikashi.
I remeber fapping to it.

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I've seen quite a few people on here say that Flying Witch is good and their Aoty. Personally, I couldn't get into Flying Witch. What do you guys find so appealing about it?

>inb4 shit taste in anime
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It has no overarching plot or action so its a great at inducing sleep.
It has best brown big sis.....nuff said
I just like watching slice of life.

Why is it that this is still one of the top 5 most hype moments in all of anime history?

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>watching subbed DBZ

DBZ is supposed to be dubbed.
> (you)
One of the few times I'd agree. Autistic purists like >>150833845 are objectively wrong.

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Why do anime like to shit on hardworking people?
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Hard work and getting shit on are one and the same.
Because people who watch anime are lazy people who lack motivation, so they don't want to see motivated people succeed.
I hope she's sucking enough dicks now to get roles

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