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>gon's adult form shortens his lifespan
>contracts the zobae disease and uses it indefinitely

where were you when i predicted the future?
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Where were you when I decided Togashi can go fuck himself because HxH will never be even close to finished before he dies?
what's even happening to him? did he get cancer?
This shit was such an asspull. I can't believe people convinced me that this was a good show.

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I did it, /a/. I collected all seven dragon balls to be reborn as Yui right before the beginning of the first season. Ask me anything.
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What's the first thing you're going to do after you get your wish granted?
How do all the dicks you're taking feel?
Ask Ui to _hug me.

I stopped keeping up with this series cos the generals were just filled with awful waifu faggotry.
Spoil me what have I missed?
Has Kiyo married Hana yet?
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>horrible waifu-faggotry
>has x fugged y yet?
Hana cucked him like two chapters ago did you really miss the shitstorm?
>canon pairing is waifu faggotry

>first kiss
>slept in the same bed
>pissed on each other
>kissed again
>traded underwear

I fail to see your point

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Can japs not do whodunits well? BokuMachi was such wasted potential.
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Danganronpa (the games not the anime)
The problem with BakuMachi was that they dug themselves into a hole, there were any hardly any characters introduced who could have potentially done it so it became obvious.
BokuMachi was never about the mystery and if you failed to see that then you're retarded

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Picked up.
dropped what? Your pants, so that you can masturbate properly?

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How did we go from this
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to this?
File: 1467904866360.png (373KB, 656x685px)Image search: [Google]
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To this?
File: 1467726019823.jpg (621KB, 1280x1449px)Image search: [Google]
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...to this?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I am indifferent to it.

What was his end game?
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Ensuring a future for the white race
Being stuck in awful movie that had no fucking clue how to tell a story properly.
Just like Lina Inverse in the other FMA movie.
score the most amazing KillxDeath Record EVER

What other series has its anime original ending to its adaptation be arguably better than the manga's actual final arc?
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Literally every Kyoani show
Bamboo Blade B and C scanlations never.
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I heard Tamaki shows up in C in the nationals.

Why are there so many of these fucking anime? Who were they made for?
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Same question but for monogatarishit instead

>powerpoint fanservice haremshit trash
Literally for who?
Making doujins.

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wtf i hate eva now
Tom and Jerry confirmed kino
>paying homage or tribute
>an unexpected thing in anime


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Can Claire be considered attractive?
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Drills are cool.

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Koe no katachi - shoko.jpg
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Also does anyone have the cleavage edit of pic related?
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Is this from that ugly manga based on Kyoani masterpiece?
You're pathetic.
less pathethic than that full length abomination from one trick pony that somehow managed to make decent one shot and had to stop there

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berserk count.png
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Wait, what the fuck happened to this guy in the anime?

The original 1997 anime covered that snake guy, but jumped over the count to go straight to the golden age arc. The three movies are just a condensed version of the golden age arc. Now the new series started and they just skipped him entirely. What gives?
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File: berserk rosine.jpg (236KB, 915x440px)Image search: [Google]
berserk rosine.jpg
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They also skipped her.
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And they skipped this thing as well

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This could have been such a great anime. How did the writers fuck it up so badly especially towards the end?

They completely butchered Slaines character. There was no resolution at the end and they denied Slaine his martyrdom. Did this Anime leave a sour taste in anyones mouth?

Also Slaine was a tragic character in this anime and the writers fucked him hard.
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Retconning the end of the first cour was the biggest mistake.
The biggest? Debatable but certainly wasnt the only mistake.

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