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Ruby is the best raibu. No need to argue.
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wub wooby!

What's your sif ID cutie~
Best for raping.
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I went to go watch kimi no na wa today, was surprised it's still airing after 2 months (and even had the whole theatre filled)

I emjoyed it quite a bit, what did /a/ think of it?
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forced drama
Still no BR release, right?
Why would anyone have seen it, except if they are some kind of disgusting shitter that actually goes outside to places
It's pretty good, definitely Shinkai's best work yet. Also, he finally has a well-animated movie after years of solely relying on pretty visuals.

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Choose one of these HEALTHY girls /a/
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Jesus christ Pork Chops wasn't fat enough already?
To think Pocacho wasn't always so fat, i'll go with Sonico.
Small fat, average american and death fat.

Merry Christmas you faggots.
Tis the season to be lonely, but there’s no reason to be lonely alone. I’ve joined forces with some interesting anons to do something a little bit special.

We’re gonna sing a Christmas Carol, an [email protected] Christmas Carol. All of us, together.
The song in question is MERRY, which I can’t link on youtube because of copyright, but you can find it in this convenient link, featuring submission details written by Coll/a/ge Anon: https://mega.nz/#!VVJnhISL!eavXjp4UjiIA1FjmQxHQzpeaHlNfOPAtAEWF1A9lAvQ

The deadline will be sometime before December 25th, but whether the vid is actually released on time is a different matter. Hopefully it’s enough to get the thing mixed before the big day, but that does mean that /a/ sings Drappers is delayed until I get it done.

Here’s the Announcement vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE87NnDNlIM&lc=

As for Drappers, it’ll be done when I get enough time to mix and the Animatorfags are done doing their magic. So not for a while.
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Why not make the deadline the 20th so the video is out on christmas?
Isnt the deadline on 16th? According to the pdf

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>According to Anno, Evangelion will continue to be a mainstay of Khara’s output, and even identity.
>For the future, he wishes Evangelion will become a cultural icon, one of the cornerstones of anime, much like Gundam, which has become an institution in and of itself. Like Gundam, where many creators can play around with the elements and create their own worlds, it is Anno’s hope that Evangelion can also be set free, to be reconstructed and reinterpreted in many ways by many other artists.
>However, because he himself is an animation fan, he admits he can agree with the sentiment of fans who feel that he keeps going back to Eva for the money.


Is Anno /ourguy/ now?
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wow you mean eva is intentionally-obfuscated pseudo-intellectual garbage?

apparently I'm the only one who figured this out back in the 90s.
Eva rebuild was a cash grab from a 1 trick pony?!

Wuuuuuuuut. I'm shocked
Eva is a multi media franchise though, how does this surprise people? Its pretty much the japs equivalent of star wars

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You have 10 seconds to tell me the best anime of 2016 or else.
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rec threads go here >>>/wsr/
Boku no Pico.
Pull the trigger I don't give a shit

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The great debate.

It's GT.
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SSJ4 was pretty sick
Dragon Ball GT

For nostalgia purposes

Also it respects me as an individual
>Also it respects me as an individual
What do you mean by this?

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I liked the manga's ending
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Good for you
>inb4 hurr durr you sick fuck pedo
Hehe funny memes, amirite?

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In what time in his life did he become a total lolicon?
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When his Niggress took eleven dick
He was always a man of superior taste.
He loves Sayako better

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She didn't deserve to be irrelevant
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She grew her hair out...so yeah, she did.
I was expecting her to secretly be a part of the soul society but nope. Nothin'. What a waste. What a shame.
Suck a fuck. She's one of the few girls who can rock a mullet.

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"I'm not OP, I'm Katsura."
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Tsundere service. How may I help you, ___Zura?
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Hello Kat, zura! I am Hanamaru, zura!

Seriously, Zura needs to get laid

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Claire thread

Discuss the perfect and cute Claire.

Other Blade Dance girls are cool too.
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Claire is HOT.
Claire > Est = Restia > Rinslet > Fianna > Ellis
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>BD thread and it's for Cinders Cinders
Oh boy. inb4 THK's massively triggered autism.

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Is it really justifiable to regard a popular entry-level anime as "garbage", even if it is one of the most well-crafted pieces of media in animation?

This isn't restricted to pic related, I understand that something as lackluster as Naruto deserves every bit of criticism, but I've never understood the contrarian nature of some anime fanbases who say that a perfectly good show is shit just because its popular.

Now, just to clarify, I don't like Naruto at all, I only want to understand the reasoning of the people who hate on things just because they're popular.
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You don't use /a/ often do you?
who thinks cowboy bebop is garbage?

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okay /a/, who is best boy?
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Karamatsu. I want to adopt him.

But really, all of them are shitty and best at the same time
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i wanna know why everyone rides ichimatsu's dick so hard

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Which fairies would you give a story?
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i want to be hifumi's pet porcupine!
I want to play Fairy Story 3

I played it. It was shit.

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